outgoing mail management

Always BCC discount code: BH93RF24 Always send a BCC or a CC every time you send an email. More info Download
Follow Up Reminder discount code: BH93RF24 Get notified of people who have not responded to your email. More info Download
Reply To All Monitor discount code: BH93RF24 Prompts you before sending (from a reply to all) also when BCC'ed to prevent you from sending out potentially confidential information you may not want to share. More info Download
Safeguard Send discount code: BH93RF24 It checks your outgoing email and prompts you if your email goes outside company domains, contains certain keywords, has a blank subject, and three other conditions. It's perfect for making sure your confidential email stays that way. More info Download
Sent Items Organizer discount code: BH93RF24 This add-in keeps your email life organized by automatically filing your sent items into the appropriate folders. More info Download
E-mail Follow-Up discount code: 4PM76A8 Allow (and remind you!) to send follow-up e-mail message if the reply has not been received in specified time. More info Download
Bells & Whistles for Outlook discount code: time-saver25 Using Bells & Whistles, users can create Outlook email replies faster, by inserting personalized greetings, defined by the first, last or full alias name of the email address where the email is going to be sent. Moreover, it counts email replies per subject, it adds 6 digits subject tracking IDs, time, date and attachment stamps and it alerts users about missing attachments or blank email subjects. Users can easily insert their most used text patterns into outgoing emails, such as product instructions, service details, web page addresses, signatures or any other predefined text template. More info Download
Auto-Mate Need to get your email organized? Has your email Inbox become unmanagable, filled with old email? Auto-Mate Add-in for Outlook can automatically file and delete your mail for you. Imagine starting Outlook with an empty Inbox every morning! Auto-Mate is your personal assistant to help you get and stay organized and be productive. More info Download
SendAsGroup for Exchange 2013/2016 This application can substitute the From address of any e-mail sent by distibution group members for the group e-mail address. This ensures that replies to a message will go back to the group, not to the message author. More info Download
UniSent add-in for Outlook Outlook utility for Exchange Server users who need to send mail from a second mailbox. The add-in ensures that messages sent with the second mailbox's From address stay in the Sent Items of the second mailbox. More info Download
Business Bundle discount code: BH93RF24 Get five of our best selling add-ins in a single package for one low price. More info Download
MAPILab Toolbox discount code: 4PM76A8 20 absolutely different plug-ins for Outlook in one package at the price of one! More info Download
ReplyAll This add-in for Outlook alerts you before unintentionally replying all, or if you are a confidential BCC recipient of the e-mail. More info Download
VBOffice SAM SAM automatically sets the sender, signature, and folder for sent items based on several criteria. More info Download
SmartReply for Outlook SmartReply for Outlook is an utility for Exchange Server/Office 365 users who need to send mail from different addresses like for instance mailbox aliases. More info Download
Compliance Copies discount code: BH93RF24 Do you need to automatically copy or (BCC) different people based on the content of the email? This add-in will perform either a BCC (blind carbon copy) or a CC (carbon copy) automatically, every time you email based on your conditions. Easily create a record of important emails automatically. More info Download
ChooseFrom for Exchange 2013/2016/2019 Exchange 2013/2016 application that allows users to send a message with any of their own SMTP addresses as the From address. More info Download
RouteBySender for Exchange 2013/2016/2019 RouteBySender Exchange level application allows you to route outgoing emails based on sender group membership or based on the sender's domain. More info Download
Weight Diet for Outlook discount code: time-saver25 Weight Diet for Outlook helps users to clean up Outlook and shrink their mailbox size and better organize emails by finding & eliminating obsolete emails, such as duplicate, autoresponder or mail failure messages. Through a friendly wizard-like interface, users can specify which mail folders to scan and how to filter messages so only certain emails will be found. More info Download
Auto Follow Up discount code: time-saver25 Auto Follow Up is an Outlook add-in designed to help you stay in touch with your contacts by automatically sending them follow up email messages if they don't reply to your email in a timely manner. More info Download
Standss QuickFile for Outook Organize Mail Quicker. Smarter. Easier. Your emails get filed away quickly and easily, and you can find them again later, quickly and easily. More info Download
Proxy Manager Proxy Manager lets you send emails from Outlook using any email address (alias) that is configured for your Exchange mailbox. Optionally, you can specify a custom display name for each alias. More info Download
Timed Email Organizer discount code: BH93RF24 The Timed Email Organizer add-in keeps your Inbox neat and tidy by organizing emails based on how old they are (among many other conditions). More info Download
Rename Attachments discount code: BH93RF24 Do you spend a lot of time renaming attachments from fax services or automated scanning systems? Now you can automatically rename attachments (in place) when sending or receiving emails. More info Download
SelectSender for Outlook 365 OWA SelectSender is a tool for Office 365 users who need to send mail from different addresses. This utility allows an Office 365 OWA user the ability to easily select the From address of the new, replied or forwarded message. More info Download