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Do you need help controlling internal spam? Internal spam are those emails that are responded to when a well-meaning user inadvertently sends out a corporate message to everyone on a large list.

They usually contain ever so helpful messages like “Unsubscribe me” or “You sent this to everyone? Why?” – and the problem is not the initial response, but all the responses after that, because they bring the email servers to their knees.

Reply To All Monitor helps to avoid these disasters by warning users that they are about to reply to everyone. This simple check is enough to prevent the majority of errors.

The add-in has four built in checks:
…prompts when a reply to all is going to occur
…removes your own name from the list of recipients
…prompts you when it looks like you were BCC’ed on the message
…prompts when you click the “Reply” instead of the “Reply To All” button and there is more than one recipient

Features and Benefits

  • Prompts when a reply to all is going to occur, to prevent replies going out to everyone in a large distribution list, and to prevent confidential or embarassing information from going to the wrong people
  • Optionally only prompts when a reply is destined to go outside your company domains
  • Removes your own name and address from the list of recipients, to save time
  • Prompts you when it looks like you were BCC’ed on the message, so that you don’t inadvertently reveal that you were the recipient of the blind carbon copied (BCC) message
  • Prompts when the “Reply” is clicked (instead of the “Reply To All”) and there is more than one recipient – to keep everyone in the loop the first time around
  • Allows the text of each prompt to be customized
  • Independently control each of these features
  • Works with, but does not require, Microsoft® Exchange Server
  • Integrates directly into Outlook for easy access
  • Works with Microsoft Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 (aka XP), and 2000

All of these features are individually controlled, so that you can just use one or the other independently.

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