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How many times have you received a company-wide missive from the CEO followed immediately by a reply consisting only of the words “thanks for this” – also sent to the entire company. Or worse, how many times have you seen messages go outside the domain of your company when people were told not do so, or only under certain circumstances? These actions not only waste time and money but in some cases jeopordize the company from a competitive angle or legal standpoint.

Sperry Software is leading the way in a new trend that is developing in email – getting senders to think before they hit the Send button. 

One way to give yourself and your employees a chance to think about what they are going to send before they allow their messages to go out is to use the Safeguard Send add-in. It will prompt you with a customizable message whenever you…

  • …send an email outside your company’s domains
  • …send an email to a specific email address or domain
  • …send an email that contains keywords (that you select)
  • …send an email when it has more than N recipients (you define N)
  • …send an email that has a blank subject
  • …send any email

All of these features are individually controlled, so that you can just use one or the other independently. And like all the Sperry Software add-ins, they work with Microsoft® Exchange but don’t require it, requiring just Microsoft Outlook 2000 or higher.

While there are server-side solutions available for some of these issues, it can only help to give yourself and your employees a chance to think about the message they’re sending – before it wastes server time and bandwidth. Doing so helps you to minimize risk and it makes a great additional line of defense against the misuse of email by employees.

You’ll be amazed at how much time can be saved and how much the amount of “internal spam” will be reduced once you ask senders to just take a moment before hitting the Send button.

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