incoming mail management

Incoming Email Organizer discount code: BH93RF24 Incoming Mail Organizer keeps your email life organized by automatically filing your incoming email into the appropriate folders. More info Download
Watch Outlook Folders discount code: BH93RF24 Get notified whenever an item in a public folder is changed. More info Download
Advanced Folders Watch discount code: 4PM76A8 Free tool! Monitoring of new mail messages and posts appearing in Microsoft Outlook folders. More info Download
Auto-Mate Need to get your email organized? Has your email Inbox become unmanagable, filled with old email? Auto-Mate Add-in for Outlook can automatically file and delete your mail for you. Imagine starting Outlook with an empty Inbox every morning! Auto-Mate is your personal assistant to help you get and stay organized and be productive. More info Download
CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO is a powerful email management system that enables automatic email flow management and email content control by using rules. More info Download
Power Rules Manager discount code: BH93RF24 Do you feel limited by the Outlook rules wizard? The Power Rules Manager add-in for Microsoft Outlook simplifies managing your Outlook rules. Your rules will be shown in a clear and simple grid, that can be sorted by simply clicking on any of the grid headers. More info Download
Weight Diet for Outlook discount code: time-saver25 Weight Diet for Outlook helps users to clean up Outlook and shrink their mailbox size and better organize emails by finding & eliminating obsolete emails, such as duplicate, autoresponder or mail failure messages. Through a friendly wizard-like interface, users can specify which mail folders to scan and how to filter messages so only certain emails will be found. More info Download
Standss QuickFile for Outook Organize Mail Quicker. Smarter. Easier. Your emails get filed away quickly and easily, and you can find them again later, quickly and easily. More info Download
Standss Email Notes Writing Notes on Emails is now as easy as sticking a note to a piece of paper. More info Download
Standss eeminders for Outlook Snooze emails out of the Inbox and have them appear on a date and time of your choosing. Get reminded to follow-up on sent emails with a copy of your sent email at the top of your Inbox. See emails in the Inbox in the order that you want to work on them. More info Download
Delete Stale Emails discount code: BH93RF24 This add-in allows you to automatically delete emails after a preset time to keeps your Inbox clean and clutter free. It supports multiple "rules" for different types of emails and each rule works in your Inbox or any other folder. More info Download
Timed Email Organizer discount code: BH93RF24 The Timed Email Organizer add-in keeps your Inbox neat and tidy by organizing emails based on how old they are (among many other conditions). More info Download