Standss eeminders for Outlook


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Use your Inbox to get the right things done.
Standss eeminders shows you what you need to work on… when you need it!

  • Snooze emails out of the Inbox and have them appear on a date and time of your choosing.
  • Get reminded to follow-up on sent emails with a copy of your sent email at the top of your Inbox.
  • See emails in the Inbox in the order that you want to work on them.

Main Features

Defer/Snooze emails out of your Inbox until you need them
Use eeminders to move emails out of your Inbox and have them automatically return at the actual date and time you want to work on them.
You can even add notes to the emails to remind yourself of the action you want to take.

Get Follow-up reminders for emails you send… in your Inbox
Do you need to to ensure that the appropriate action was taken on an email that you sent?
eeminders can remind you to follow up by returning the email to your Inbox at your chose time.

Use Someday lists for non-urgent emails
Don’t have an exact date to work on an email? Use eeminders to move them out of your Inbox and into the Someday folder.
Emails in the Someday folder can be categorised into lists such as Read Later, Work at Home, Phone Calls etc

View your emails in the order that you want to work on them
Different emails have different priorities. You probably won’t be working on your emails in the order that they were received.
eeminders makes it easy to view emails in your Inbox in the order that you plan to work on them.

Review and Reschedule your future email workload easily
eeminders makes it easy to view and reschedule your emails as your workload changes.
View all your deferred/snoozed emails ordered by your chosen eeminder date. View all your Someday emails grouped by category.

Your Emails are Private& Secure
eeminders is not cloud based! Every action you take occurs on your computer. Your emails stay inside your Outlook.
eeminders does not share your email information with anyone… even us.

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