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Those who use Microsoft Outlook everyday know what a hassle it is can be to organize mail and keep it organized, especially when using many folders and subfolders.

The Outlook add-in Quick File can help you organize your mail quickly and sensibly. Your emails get filed away quickly and easily, and you can find them quickly and easily!

What QuickFile Does:
QuickFile is not your typical Outlook addin, as it allows you to take control over both your incoming and outgoing emails, filing them quickly and systematically at the click of a mouse:   Your Inbox: The majority of your daily emails probably come from most or all of the same contacts. Simply tell QuickFile where you want emails from each sender to be filed, and from then on a simple mouse click files them away automatically. You’ll never have to organize your mail by hunting for folders and subfolders, then dragging and dropping. Your Sent Mail: Typical email organizers and Outlook addins ignore the Sent folder, but we know how important your sent emails are. With a single click your outgoing mail is sent and automatically filed to the correct folder. No more sifting through hundreds of emails in your sent folder to locate that important message you forgot to file earlier.

Main features

  • One-Click Filing (File up to 90% of emails at the click of one button)
    QuickFile displays last used folder for contact on the toolbar. Click to close and move the email
  • Send & File (File out-going emails as you send them)
    QuickFile prompts you for a folder anytime you send an email. The prompt includes a recommended list of folders to file to.
  • Easily file received messages at the click of a button… no more drag-and-drop
    QuickFile recommends a list of folders to use based on your previous actions.
  • Easily find and move to folders… no more hunting through folder trees to find one folder
    Type a few characters from the name of the folder and QuickFile will display a list of matching folders.
  • File Original Messages with Replies Automatically
    File both your outgoing reply and your unfiled original message at the same time
  • Recently Used Folders
    QuickFile displays a list of last 10 used folders for filing. This feature can be used for filing emails and for moving to folders
  • Automatically file all emails from a folder (Auto-QuickFile) Automatically file all emails from the current folder.
  • Quick-Copy
    Quickly make a copy of the selected email in the current folder
  • Undo Filing
    Need to reverse or find an email that you filed using QuickFile or Send&File. Click the Undo button to view a list of email filed today. Click to reverse the filing.
  • Additional Features added for users of NetDocuments
    For NetDocuments (Document Management System) users, QuickFile has some extra features for you. These features can be turned on from the settings screen.
  • Process Sent Items for unfiled emails sent using Blackberry Phones, Outlook Web Access, etc.
    Emails that are sent from outside Outlook using Outlook Web Access or BlackBerry (synchronized with Outlook) does not get filed using Send&File. This new feature now allows you to process your Sent Items to highlight these unfiled emails and also provides with an easy step to file it at the same time.
  • Filing Emails to same folders Department/Company wide (Applies in Exchange Environment)
    QuickFile allows Microsoft Exchange Users to share their shortcuts that QuickFile uses for filing
  • Quick-Task
    Quickly create a Task for the selected email
  • Quick-Appointment
    Quickly create an Appointment for the selected email
  • Defer Emails: Move emails out of your Inbox UNTIL you need them
    Improve you productivity by moving non-urgent emails out of your Inbox. QuickFile will automatically move them back at a time convenient to you.
  • Automatically file Newsletters
    Stop cluttering your emails with newsletters that don’t need your immediate attention. QuickFile will move your newsletters out of your Inbox to a folder dedicated to newsletters. QuickFile can show you a non-intrusive message whenever emails are moved… and it can also remind you once a day to check your newsletters.. so you don’t miss out on any specials etc.
  • Automatically Create Tasks from Outgoing emails
    QuickFile can automatically create Tasks from emails after that are sent out. Essential if you use your task list to track follow-ups needed for emails.
  • Automatically Create Appointment from Outgoing emails
    QuickFile can automatically create Appointments from emails after they are sent out. Major time saver if your emails have follow-ups that need to be scheduled.
  • Network Deployment Options
    The PRO Version of QuickFile has both EXE and MSI Installation files. We can provide you with full documentation to carry out customized installations from a central Windows server.


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