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The Timed Email Organizer add-in keeps your Inbox neat and tidy by organizing emails based on how old they are (among many other conditions).

The add-in mimics some of the most popular Outlook rule functionality. For instance, you can run rules on emails that:

  • Have certain subjects, or certain words in the body
  • Are sent to, or received from your specified recipients
  • Which have an attachment

However unlike Outlook, you can also run rules on emails that:

  • Have attachments with certain names or file extensions
  • Are older than a specified number of minutes, hours, days or months
  • Have been read, or are still unread
  • Have been replied to, or have not been replied to
  • Have been modified or changed recently

What can you do with the emails once you’ve identified them? Here at Sperry Software, we’ve done research to find out the most common types of actions. With this add-in, you can:

  • Move the email to a particular folder
  • Copy the email to a particular folder or folders
  • Delete the email
  • Permanently delete the email
  • Give the email a specified category
  • Clear all categories
  • Mark the email as read or unread
  • Set the importance of the email to low or high

As you can imagine, combining these conditions gives you a powerful mechanism for staying organized.

For example, you can create rules like this:

  • Automatically move the email after it has been read – perfect for being able to easily read emails on a phone
  • Move all emails from a particular company into a specified folder
  • Move any emails that are over one day old and replied to
  • Raise the priority of any emails that have not been responded to in over two hours
  • Delete emails from Groupon, Facebook and the like after two weeks

It’s easy to see how this add-in can be a weapon against the deluge of emails that will be arriving in your inbox.

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