Add Email Address discount code: BH93RF24 Automatically add as contacts people you reply to or send to. More info Download
Actual Contacts for Outlook discount code: 4PM76A8 Actual Contacts for Outlook is an add-in for updating your address book and monitoring validity of e-mail addresses in contacts. More info Download
Add Contacts discount code: 4PM76A8 Microsoft Outlook add-in, designed for auto adding new email addresses as contact. More info Download
Always BCC discount code: BH93RF24 Always send a BCC or a CC every time you send an email. More info Download
Contacts Sort Order discount code: BH93RF24 Stay organized by updating all your contacts and address books with either 'last name, first name' order or 'first name, last name' order. More info Download
Distribution List Manager discount code: BH93RF24 Create distribution lists from many emails all at once or from a single email with a lot of addresses. More info Download
Duplicate Contacts Eliminator discount code: BH93RF24 Easily eliminate duplicate contacts within Outlook with this powerful add-in. More info Download
Hide Fax Numbers discount code: BH93RF24 Prevent Outlook from showing fax numbers as email addresses. More info Download
Journal All Contacts discount code: BH93RF24 Turn journaling on or off for all contacts within your default Contacts folder. More info Download
VCard Converter discount code: BH93RF24 Easily convert all your contacts to vCard format. More info Download
Duplicates Remover for Outlook discount code: 4PM76A8 Delete duplicates in Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange folders. More info Download
Bells & Whistles for Outlook discount code: time-saver25 Using Bells & Whistles, users can create Outlook email replies faster, by inserting personalized greetings, defined by the first, last or full alias name of the email address where the email is going to be sent. Moreover, it counts email replies per subject, it adds 6 digits subject tracking IDs, time, date and attachment stamps and it alerts users about missing attachments or blank email subjects. Users can easily insert their most used text patterns into outgoing emails, such as product instructions, service details, web page addresses, signatures or any other predefined text template. More info Download
Email Address Collector discount code: time-saver25 Email Address Collector is a dedicated email extractor for exporting email addresses from MS-Outlook 97, MS-Outlook 2000, MS-Outlook 2002/XP, MS-Outlook 2003, Outlook Express 4,5 and 6, DBX/MBX files, DOC or PDF documents, Excel (XLS) spreadsheets, Windows Address Book, MSN/Win Messenger Contacts, web documents or any other readable local files or folders. Also, it can backup / restore MS-Outlook or Outlook Express mail folders and emailing rules. More info Download
VCard4Outlook Import vCard format files to the chosen Outlook Contact Folder. Export any Outlook Contacts Folder to the vCard format. More info Download
Contacts Explorer IMI Contacts Exporter is a small application which can export/extract Contacts items from any Outlook and Exchange Contact Folders, including Microsoft Exchange Server Public Folders and save it to Microsoft Excel sheet or Microsoft Access table. More info Download
1-Click Duplicate Delete 1-Click Duplicate Delete will get rid of all your duplicate e-mails and merge contacts. And all this with just one mouseclick and within seconds. More info Download
Business Bundle discount code: BH93RF24 Get five of our best selling add-ins in a single package for one low price. More info Download
Eliminator Bundle discount code: BH93RF24 Get all 8 of the duplicate eliminators for one low price. More info Download
Power User Bundle discount code: BH93RF24 Get Attachment Save, Hide Fax Numbers, and Add Email Address for one low price. More info Download
ChangeNames Finally eliminate chaos in your contacts with ChangeNames! Because of different settings or import procedures the uniformity of Outlook® contact table gets lost. This is the case for the address book as well as for the contact folders. Use ChangeNames in order to regain a uniform appearance. More info Download
EditContacts (Pro) EditContacts (Pro) provides you among other things with the very often missed search and replace function for contacts to edit multiple contacts at the same time. With this tool changed company data can be adjusted in a jiffy (e.g. addresses, phone numbers or domain names after a migration). More info Download
FormatNumbers With just a few mouse clicks FormatNumbers puts the phone numbers from your Microsoft® Office Outlook® contacts into a uniform format (e. g. "+1 (123) 456-7890"). With this tool synchronization problems with mobile devices are a thing of the past. More info Download
CodeTwo Outlook Sync Free tool! CodeTwo Outlook Sync enables you to sync Outlook calendars, contacts, tasks, emails, documents and any other Microsoft Outlook items between two computers in your local network. More info Download
Kernel for Notes Contacts to Outlook Kernel for Notes Contacts to Outlook is a professional email migration tool that helps accessing Lotus Notes contacts with MS Outlook by converting NSF files of Lotus Notes to PST files of MS Outlook. More info Download
Kernel for Outlook Duplicates Kernel for Outlook Duplicates is an efficient tool to deal with duplicate items in Outlook. It enables the user to search and manage duplicate items using various available options. More info Download
Code Two Sync for iCloud Sync Outlook folders with iCloud seamlessly; replicate your Outlook data to the Cloud. With CodeTwo Sync for iCloud the synchronization of Outlook folders with iCloud folders occurs automatically and in real-time. Therefore, they can be almost immediately accessible from your Apple devices anywhere you are. More info Download