EditContacts (Pro)


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EditContacts (Pro) provides you among other things with the very often missed search and replace function for contacts to edit multiple contacts at the same time. With this tool changed company data can be adjusted in a jiffy (e.g. addresses, phone numbers or domain names after a migration).

Function list:

  • Replace
  • Fill in
  • Overwrite
  • Copy
  • Move
  • Exchange
  • Merge
  • Split
  • Upper case
  • Lower case
  • Proper case
  • Add in front of
  • Add tothe end
  • Clean contents
  • Clear contents
  • Create field
  • Rename field
  • Delete field
  • Delete all fields
  • Nokia PC Suite
  • Undo Nokia PC Suite

The functions Nokia PC Suite and Undo Nokia PC Suite are special functions for users of Nokia cellphones who synchronize their Outlook® contacts with the PC-Suite.

Hint 1: By means of the Attach at the beginning function you can hide the fax numbers in the address book by choosing any desired character sequence (e. g. “fax”).

Hint 2: By means of the Replace function the message class of custom forms can be adjusted to existing contacts.

Hint 3: You can also change the internet format with EditContacts (Pro) (e.g. from Send using Outlook Rich Text Format to Let Outlook decide the best sending format). After that change normally a restart of Outlook® is required.

A further highlight is data processing in groups. This way you can e.g. exchange the area code or attach a country code in all phone number fields (with our without fax numbers). Moreover all email fields can be changed with one processing run (e.g. to replace a changed domain).

EditContacts (Pro) works with pst files, Exchange mail boxes, public folders and the Business Contact Manager.

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