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Sync Outlook folders with iCloud seamlessly; replicate your Outlook data to the Cloud. With CodeTwo Sync for iCloud the synchronization of Outlook folders with iCloud folders occurs automatically and in real-time. Owing to this, your Outlook contacts, calendars and tasks are synced with the iCloud folders tree in the background inside Outlook, without any user interaction. Therefore, they can be almost immediately accessible from your Apple devices anywhere you are.

Key features

  • Sync Outlook folders with iCloud folders – this Microsoft Outlook addin will let you automatically synchronize your Outlook contacts, calendars and tasks with your iCloud data file in Outlook, which will then sync those folders with iCloud and across your iPhone, iPad and other Apple® devices.
  • No need to save or move items to iCloud tree in Outlook anymore – once you install iCloud Control Panel for Windows, a new tree of folders is added to Outlook, but your existing Outlook folders are somewhere else. CodeTwo Sync for iCloud will let you keep these folders in sync, so you can finally forget about jumping between the folders and manually copying items to iCloud and back.
  • One-way and two-way sync – pick up one of the three sync methods for each of your folders. Sync from Outlook to iCloud, from iCloud to Outlook, or in both directions.
  • Automatically sync up your folders in real time – Outlook folders are synced automatically and immediately in the background. Note! iCloud synchronization with your handhelds depends on iCloud performance and your internet connection speed.
  • Easy to install and use – the addin is seamless. Just install it on your PC and follow the wizard. You’ll see how easy and quick it is.
  • Free feature! Synchronizing your default Calendar folder with iCloud is free and doesn’t require a license.

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