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CodeTwo Exchange Sync is an application enabling automatic synchronization of selected data between folders of Microsoft Exchange Server. The program will also let you sync mobile devices with Public Folders on Exchange and any other non-default Outlook folders. The synchronized data can be of any type i.e. mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, etc. The program lets users sync data in more than one way as well as filter items before syncing or modify synced items on the fly.

Due to its advanced features, the application can be used by administrators of Exchange server in a number of scenarios of teamwork and mail management.

Features include;

  • Sync mobile phones with Public Folders in Exchange
    Supports synchronization of mobile devices PDA, BlackBerry, iPhone, PocketPC, SmartPhone, ActiveSync with public folders of Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook.
  • Practical Applications
    The rich functionality of the program makes it fit to fulfill a wide range of tasks. See practical applications.
  • One-Way Synchronization
    Replication of data in one direction from the source folders to the target folders of Exchange Server.
  • Two-Way Synchronization
    Replication of data in two directions within a group of Microsoft Exchange folders.
  • Real-Time Synchronization
    The data is replicated between Exchange Server folders in real time; the changes are synced in the background and instantly visible.
  • Filters – Choose Precise Data to Synchronize
    Finely define which items will be synchronized between folders.
  • Modifiers – Tagging of Replicated Data
    Tag synchronized items on the fly to easily identify new data in the target folders.
  • Easy Deployment and Setup
    Intuitive deployment and setup on Microsoft Exchange server or other machine. You will need only a few minutes to test our application.

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