4Team Corporation is a software production company working in Software Industry since 1999.

Our primary objective is to provide our customers with affordable workgroup management solutions. Our software products are developed to improve the productivity and efficiency of a workgroup that uses Microsoft Office programs as its software basis.

We are proud to render our services to medical and law offices, software, communication and construction companies, etc. Among our customers are: AT&T Broadband, Cisco, Merck, U.S. Department of Energy, Police Departments, churches, schools, Chambers of Commerce, etc.

We believe that our products will help companies of any size to succeed in business.

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Addins from this vendor

4Team for MS OutlookManage your teams, create and share projects workspaces in MS Outlook with this powerful groupware without a server. More info
4Team Online (Server Editon)Your "in-house" server based on 4Team Online Service. More info
4Team Online serviceWeb-based project management, group calendaring & collaborative solutions. Sharepoint Alternative. More info
Alphabet4ContactsThe Alphabet4Contacts toolbar displays an English alphabet tab in both "Address" and "Phone List" Views. More info
Calendar4OutlookShare and synchronize Calendar folders in Microsoft Outlook without a server. More info
Canned ResponsesCanned text, templates, emoticons, documents integrated in the Outlook email toolbar. More info
Contacts4OutlookShare and synchronize Contact folders in Microsoft Outlook without a server. More info
Email ResponderAutoresponse to incoming e-mails, based on your Free/Busy (Out of Office) Status. More info
Fax4OutlookSend and receive fax messages like regular Outlook letters. More info
ReplyWith TemplatesMS Outlook tools simplifies the process of replying repetitive email messages using predefined email templates. More info
Schedules4TeamUtilize a Microsoft Outlook workgroup calendar and Free/Busy time without a server. More info
SendLaterSet a schedule for sending your e-mail messages. More info
ShareOGroupware, sharing any Microsoft Outlook Personal folders without a server. More info
Sync2PSTAn Outlook sync can be made via shared pst files located on the same PC, your network, USB flash or hard drives. More info
VCard4OutlookImport vCard format files to the chosen Outlook Contact Folder. Export any Outlook Contacts Folder to the vCard format. More info