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Distribution List Manager
discount code "BH93RF24"
Create distribution lists from many emails all at once or from a single email with a lot of addresses.
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MSGViewer Lite
MsgViewer Lite is an easy way to open .msg files, simply by clicking on the file. You can also print the message, save it to a text file, and extract file attachments.
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MsgViewer Pro
MsgViewer Pro is an easy way to open .msg and eml files, simply by clicking on the file. You can also print the message, save it to a text file, and extract file attachments.
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Contacts Explorer
IMI Contacts Exporter is a small application which can export/extract Contacts items from any Outlook and Exchange Contact Folders, including Microsoft Exchange Server Public Folders and save it to Microsoft Excel sheet or Microsoft Access table.
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GAL Exporter
User can select Mailboxes, Distribution Lists, Custom Recipient properties from any Recipient container in the Organization Tree and export it. Then he can easy print the Global Address List.
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CodeTwo Outlook Export
Free tool! This tool can export any of Outlook item data field, including user-defined fields, to CSV files.
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MAPILab Toolbox
discount code "4PM76A8"
20 absolutely different plug-ins for Outlook in one package at the price of one!
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MessageExport is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that lets you quickly and easily save Outlook email messages to many different formats. MessageExport can also automatically copy your messages to a folder, a Sharepoint Server Library, zip file, or printer. Just choose your messages, then select the format from the MessageExport window.
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Stellar PST Splitter
Stellar PST Splitter efficiently splits a large PST file into smaller and manageable parts on the basis of different kinds of splitting criteria such as size, date, etc.
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Compact PST
Stellar Phoenix Compact PST is a remarkable utility that compresses the PST file by extracting the attachments in a folder on the system hard disk.
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Kernel for PST Split
Kernel for PST Split is eminent and reliable PST split software designed and developed especially to split large-sized PST files into small chunks.
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Kernel for PST Compress and Compact
Kernel for PST Compress and Compact is highly diligent and wondrous Outlook PST compression software exclusively designed and developed for compressing multiple PST files in a go.
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ReliefJet Essentials
ReliefJet Essentials for Outlook is a straightforward tool that consists of a large set of useful and easy-to-use tools for every Microsoft Outlook user. The product seamlessly integrates with Outlook and includes Outlook add-in, standalone and Windows command line applications. Utilities can be run in manual and automatic modes as well as on a scheduled basis.
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Aid4Mail is an easy-to-use, fast, and highly accurate email conversion program.
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Stellar Merge PST
With Stellar Merge PST software, you can easily merge or join multiple Outlook PST files into a single file as it is a Do-it-yourself tool with user-friendly interface.
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