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Kernel for PST Split is eminent and reliable PST split software designed and developed especially to split large-sized PST files into small chunks.

Key Functions:

  • Performs easy and quick PST split
  • Equipped with 5 Splitting options- Split PST file based on date, Split PST file based on email ID, Make single PST file for every folder, Extract selected folders into a PST file and Split PST file into multiple PST files.
  • Creates independent and small sized PST files
  • Can split PST files which are shared over network, saved separately or are currently being used
  • Performs comprehensive PST split- Enables you to split all folders and items available in PST file such as Contacts,
    Calendar, and Journals, Email Folders (Inbox, Outbox etc)
  • Preserves Meta-data of emails (To, From, Cc, BCc, date, time etc)
  • Ease of data manageability
  • Supports all versions of MS Outlook

Kernel for PST Split allows you to perform split function on multiple a single PST. Being a non-destructive software, the tool does not poses any danger to the data integrity of the original PST file. The files once split can be accessed with MS Outlook and are independent of the original PST file.

Why do we need to split a PST file?
The need of PST split arises in the following situations:

  • 2GB limitation
    PST files often react absurdly after reaching their 2 GB threshold limit and therefore to resolve the issues so arising, you’ll have to split the PST file.
  • Low Performance issues
    Due to large size of PST files, MS Outlook exhibits slow performance while opening, closing, moving, copying email data from one folder to another. To combat the performance issues, splitting PST works just fine.
  • Manageability problems
    Large email data often poses problems related to manageability. Splitting the PST files on the basis of date, sender’s email, size etc can resolve the issue easily.

You can split large-sized PST file easily and quickly using the PST split software. Using Kernel for PST Split, you can perform PST split even if the PST file is currently being used, shared over the network or it is saved separately. And as soon as the PST file is split into small sized PST files, these become effective to be used with MS Outlook.

To ease manageability of large email data, you can split PST files on five different parameters: Split PST file based on date, Split PST file based on Sender’s email ID, Create separate PST file for every selected folder, Extract selected folders in a single PST file and Split PST file based on size. Split PST software enables you split all items and folders in the PST file such as Contacts, Calendar, and Journals, Email Folders (Inbox, Outbox, Deleted Items, Sent Items, and Drafts etc).

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