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Are you looking for a simple and inexpensive solution to open .msg and .eml files? When you receive a .msg or .eml file attachment, do you just want to click on it and have it open?

The Encryptomatic Message Viewer Lite was designed for simplicity. It allows for viewing either .msg or .eml mime email messages, without the need for Outlook, Windows Mail, MAPI, or Outlook Express.

Multiple instances of Message Viewer Lite can be open, letting you view many emails simultaneously.

MSG Viewer reads .msg or .eml files, and displays them in their original formatting, including HTML, Rich Text (including OLE objects), or Plain Text.

Installs as Default File Handler for either .msg, .eml, or both
Encryptomatic’s Outlook .MSG Viewer is simple to use. It may be optionally installed as the default .msg file handler. Once installed, you can access the .msg file by simply clicking on it. It will open in MsgViewer.

Extracts File Attachments from Outlook .MSG Message Files
Users can extract and save to disk any file attachments that were included in the email. Just right click on the attachment, and save to disk. You can also click on the attachment, and then “drag and drop” on to your desktop.

Common Uses

  • Embedding Message Viewer with your application as an email content manager
  • Deploy out to hundreds or thousands of users to solve email content issues
  • Used in migrations towards or away from Lotus Notes, Groupwise, Outlook, etc.
  • Help Desks not running Outlook, who struggle with .msg files
  • Individuals who just want to get at those pictures the kids sent.
  • Helping users transition from one email client to another

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