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MsgViewer Pro is a viewer and converter for managing .msg and .eml (mime) email files. If you have Microsoft Outlook installed, then MsgViewer will also read, convert and search your Outlook .PST files.

With MsgViewer Pro, you can easily view your email messages, convert them to TXT or various image formats, batch extract file attachments, or search your message cache for important messages.

MsgViewer can render and export .msg messages that are formatted in rich text, emails, HTML, as well as .eml messages formatted in HTML and Txt.

With MsgViewer Pro, you can open the email file, extract file attachments, search the message, copy selected messages to a specific directory, and browse them in an Outlook-like interface.

MsgViewer Pro is well suited to application sharing environments, such as Citrix. Command line options allow system administrators to control the user interface by disabling the features of MsgViewer Pro. For example, if you want your users to be able to browse a directory of .msg files, but not to print or copy, you can disable those features. Learn more about MsgViewer Pro’s command line options.

Optionally Installs as Default .msg and/or .eml File Handler
MsgViewer Pro may be optionally installed as the default file handler for Outlook .msg files, or Outlook Express .eml files. Once installed, you can open an email message by simply clicking on it.

Manage Files in Recursive Directories
By clicking a simple check box called “Read Subfolders,” MsgViewer Pro will automatically search subdirectories, and display any .msg or .eml files that it finds. Uncheck the box if you only want to display files residing in the selected folder. Even if your emails are organized in multiple folders, this powerful feature allows you to search multiple folders without having to select each folder separately.

Export to Image Functionality, and other powerful features
MsgViewer Pro makes it easy to batch export your .msg or .eml files directly to these formats: PDF, JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG, BMP, TXT or CSV (ansi or Unicode).

You can choose to automatically extract file attachments from a single message, or from many messages as a batch.

Automatically rename messages (or exported messages) using a flexible “Bates Stamp” like naming system.

Extract or Open File Attachments directly from the email message
MsgViewer Pro makes it easy to access file attachments in .msg files. By clicking on the attachment in MsgViewer, users can either run the attachment in its native application (i/e open a .zip file in WinZip, or .pdf file in Adobe Reader), or they can extract the file to a directory of their choice.

MsgViewer Pro provides access to the full internet header information.

Search Capability
MsgViewer Pro lets you search a directory (including subdirectories) of .msg files to find .msg or .eml files that match your search criteria. Interesting email messages can then be copied directly to a new file directory for further investigation.

View Extended MAPI Properties
Used in Large Corporations and by Governments
MsgViewer Pro is user driven software. It is in daily use around the world, by governments, large corporations, law firms, investigative forensic organizations, small businesses and individuals. We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers. If there are features that you require that you do not see in MsgViewer Pro, please contact us so that we may consider improving MsgViewer Pro. Our best development ideas come from our users.

Shared Environment
MsgViewer Pro has been developed with consideration for a shared user environment. It allows for simultaneous multiple sessions. Command line switches that work at the installer level or program level give you great flexiblity over how MsgViewer Pro appears, and over functionalty that users can access.

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