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Attachment Save is a Microsoft Exchange Server solution for automatic saving, deleting attachments and messages right on the Exchange server using specified criteria.

Attachment Save assists you in managing the exchange of attachments within the organization and prevents security violations by controlling which files are allowed to be sent out from the organization. In addition, the product reduces the extremely large growth in traffic that might appear when storing numerous attachments in Microsoft Exchange Storage.

Key benefits

  • Save attachments
    Extract attachments to a specified folder or network drive
    Set up Exchange rules to save incoming and outgoing files and messages to a specified folder or a network share. Reduce the database size and simplify the backup.
  • Rename files
    Rename saved Exchange attachments automatically
    Change the attachment file name using a wide set of variables like current date, sender domain, recipient name, subject line, etc.
  • Add link
    Add a link to the saved file into the message
    Strip an attachment and append a link to its location using LNK, TXT, or URL files so recipients can access them from the message directly.
  • Export e-mails
    Save messages in EML, MSG and TXT formats
    Store a copy of required messages in a specified folder locally or on a network drive. EML, MSG and TXT formats are used for message exporting.

Product features

  • Dynamic file names and paths can be used to save attached files in custom subfolders
    Attachments Save allows not only renaming of files during saving, but also can store the attachments and emails in specially created subfolders according to the rule settings. This allows setup of individualized access permissions for users.
  • Create separate attachment flow rules for internal and external recipients
    Setup specific rules for individual mailboxes, attachment sizes, attachment types or create separate filters for internal and external recipients. For example, strip attachments and place them in a shared folder when a message is sent locally and leave the attachments in the message when the message is sent out of the organization.
  • Use keywords in subject or header to trigger Exchange Rules
    Setup rules that look for specific words in the Subject Line or email headers to trigger different attachment processing scenarios. For example, the product can delete attachments if the spam filter marked the message as dangerous. See the full list of available filters.
  • Filter Attachments by file name mask, size or type
    Select the attachment type and specify file size limitations to control the message traffic on your Exchange server. Block files from being sent outside the organization.
  • Change message subject and header
    Mark processed messages by editing the subject line or message headers to inform the recipient that the original email was altered. This also allows applying additional client-side rules.
  • Save embedded images, inline attachments
    Attachment Save for Exchange can work with all attachment types: embedded images and inline attachments akin to the regular attachments. For example, you can extract regular attachments but leave the embedded images (which are commonly used in the signature line) in messages.
  • Easy deployment into configurations of any complexity
    The Step-by-Step installation wizard allows easy installation of the product to any Exchange environment even when different versions of Microsoft Exchange servers are used at the same time.

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