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The problem with large files is that they’re nearly impossible to send and receive through email. Big files consume bandwidth, fill up the receiver’s inbox, overburden your email servers and clog up your Outlook .pst/.ost files. As ISP’s and IT administrators fight viruses and lock down their networks, it’s becoming harder and harder to attach any files to an email. (System Administrators, click here!)

Do you need to share big files?
If you regularly share big files with co-workers, clients or friends, and if you want to use email as the context for sharing files, then you need OutDisk. OutDisk is an FTP utility specifically designed to work around email communications.

OutDisk insulates users from the complexities of FTP. Once setup, the user selects files in a manner that’s very similar to using OutDisk’s paperclip to attach files to an email.

And its easy to administer. Multiple users can share one FTP account. Each user can have a unique “working” directory. OutDisk will create a unique subdirectory for each email beneath the working directory. This adds security: by not co-mingling files, the recipient can only access the files that they are intended to access.

Works with your FTP account, or with the free SendBigFiles.com file sharing service

OutDisk for Windows has been integrated with the free file sharing service, SendBigFiles.com. Although you can still use your own FTP account if you wish, OutDisk now lets you upload files directly to SendBigFiles.com. It’s easier than ever to share big files! And your recipient needs no special software.

Main features and benefits;

  • Easily upload big file attachments into a unique file directory
  • Sender can easily password protect files with strong encryption
  • Creates self-decrypting .exe files
  • Passes the download link to a new email message, or to your clipboard for pasting into an email message
  • Works with Any Email Program, even web-based email
  • Easy to use, Drag and Drop your files
  • Perfect solution for non-technical email users who need to share large files
  • Works with your FTP servers, or use our free file hosting service.

This description is not a review but information provided by the product vendor or obtained from the vendor's website.