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PDF Postman is the easiest way to send a secure message from Outlook. Nearly anyone on any computer or mobile device can receive a PDF Postman message without installing any special software. All they need is the password.

PDF Postman secures outbound email messages and file attachments using the Portable Document Format or PDF envelope. PDF Postman leverages the wide adoption of PDF Reader software, eliminating the need for special software on the recipient’s computer.

In addition to converting the email and attachments to secure PDF, PDF Postman also gives you the option to convert attachments-only to secure PDF, or convert attachments to an unsecured PDF email attachment.

PDF Postman will convert your Outlook email and attachments into to a PDF file, then apply strong US Government approved AES-128 or AES-256 bit encryption.

PDF Postman is an alternative to complex email encryption programs that may require exchanging public keys and certificates, installing special software or surrendering personal information during a registration process. Whether you are a small office/home office user, or a corporate professional with an experienced IT department behind you, you will appreciate the ease with which PDF Postman can be installed and used.

Main features;

  • Uses US Government approved AES-128 or AES-256 bit symmetric key encryption to protect your email messages
  • Works with Microsoft Outlook 2003 or later
  • PDF Postman PDF files are compatible with millions of computers and mobile devices without installing any special software
  • Simple to Send messages and files
  • Simple for message recipients. No special software or registration is required.
  • Preserves email formatting. Converts HTML, rich text or text email messages to a fully formatted encrypted PDF.
  • Protects file attachments by embedding them inside the encrypted PDF. Files can be extracted by the recipient using their PDF viewer.
  • Option to only protect file attachments (not message)
  • Configurable container (default) message
  • Password protect settings and password list
  • Remembers passwords for future emails
  • Option to Save unencrypted copy of email in Outlook’s Sent Items folder
  • Option to Time Stamp the Message
  • Option to obscure subject line in the container email message
  • Easy to change passwords
  • Password generator for creating high entropy passwords
  • Enterprise deployment through MSI file
  • Option for users to work from a centralized password database.
  • Includes the ability to create an encrypted or unencrypted PDF from attached files
  • Compliments your existing SMIME or PGP encryption system by providing a more user friendly way to send secure documents to non-technical recipients.

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