Encryptomatic OpenPGP for Outlook


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If you have been struggling to get OpenPGP email encryption to work on Microsoft Outlook, then this software is for you! We wanted to use OpenPGP with Outlook in our business, but we quickly learned that the available software tools were either too expensive, too difficult to deploy, or too unstable to use reliably. So we built one!

End-to-end e-mail encryption is a crucial tool for protecting your business communications and personal privacy. Journalists use OpenPGP to communicate with sources. Businesses are required by law in the U.S. to encrypt certain types of information before sending by e-mail Lawyers, bankers, and accountants use e-mail encryption to protect their clients.

Encryptomatic OpenPGP for Outlook is an add-on that integrates with the Microsoft Outlook menu system to deliver the benefits of OpenPGP e-mail encryption to even non-technical users. If you have ever struggled unsuccessfully to install and use an e-mail encryption add-in for Outlook, this software is for you.

Free for Personal Use, Non-Profit Organizations, Activists and Journalists

If you are working to improve the world, we want to support you. Encryptomatic OpenPGP add-in is free for lots of people, and affordable for everyone else.

Key features

  • Protect Outlook e-mail messages using the Open PGP standard
  • Sign messages to prevent tampering
  • Open encrypted e-mail within Outlook
  • Search for public keys on popular Open PGP key servers
  • Import existing private keys
  • Encrypt text, html and attached files
  • Share and import public keys
  • Software update notifications
  • Works with multiple e-mail accounts
  • Installs without administrator rights
  • Save plain text copies of messages in Outlook (not recommended, but sometimes necessary for compliance purposes)
  • Automatic maintenance and support renewal for business users

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