Atomic Pst Password Recovery


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Atomic PST Password Recovery instantly recovers text passwords protecting PST folders used by Microsoft Outlook. No lengthy attacks, no waiting time and no complex settings to configure – Atomic PST Password Recovery does everything completely automatically! There’s absolutely no risk in using Atomic PST Password Recovery – just select a PST file and see a valid password to unlock it in plain text!

Instant Outlook PST Password Recovery
Atomic PST Password Recovery works instantly and fully automatically. No need to spend time fighting the user interface or waiting for the result of a brute-force attack. Just install Atomic PST Password Recovery, select your password-protected personal folder (PST file) and hit Go to see your password immediately in plain text!

Will I See the Original Password?
While Atomic PST Password Recovery guarantees to produce a valid password unlock your password-protected PST folder, the recovery password will not necessarily be the same one you used to protect the folder. That’s not a malfunction but an inherent feature of a password-protection algorithm used by Microsoft to protect PST folders.

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