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Attachment Forget-Me-Not discount code: BH93RF24 Never forget to attach an important file again. More info Download
Insert Date Time discount code: BH93RF24 Easily insert the current date and time with a function key. More info Download
Quick Text Hotkeys discount code: BH93RF24 Save time by inserting frequently used text with a function key. More info Download
Random Quote Insert discount code: BH93RF24 Automatically insert clever quotes to the bottom of your email. More info Download
Quick Templates discount code: 4PM76A8 The Quick Templates add-in is designed for fast insertion text templates into Microsoft Outlook mail messages. This add-in will help you with entering frequently used text fragments, save the time and avoid mistyping in your messages. More info Download
RightFrom for Outlook This utility is aimed at Outlook users that have access to multiple mailboxes. It will automatically fill in the correct From address based on the current mailbox, even if the default From is different. More info Download
SetFrom for Outlook This utility allows you to set up the default From or Reply-to address value for Outlook. It inserts automatically any address/alias to the "From:" or "Have replies sent to:" field for each outgoing message. More info Download
ChooseFrom for Exchange 2013/2016/2019 Exchange 2013/2016 application that allows users to send a message with any of their own SMTP addresses as the From address. More info Download
Standss SendGuard for Outlook Avoid Common Emailing Mistakes that Look Unprofessional and Waste Valuable Time. More info Download
Proxy Manager Proxy Manager lets you send emails from Outlook using any email address (alias) that is configured for your Exchange mailbox. Optionally, you can specify a custom display name for each alias. More info Download
Outlook Voice Recorder Tired of typing emails on a (tiny) keyboard? Send a voice message instead! Optionally, you can convert your voice message to text. More info Download
Rename Attachments discount code: BH93RF24 Do you spend a lot of time renaming attachments from fax services or automated scanning systems? Now you can automatically rename attachments (in place) when sending or receiving emails. More info Download