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Quick Text Hotkeys
discount code "BH93RF24"
Save time by inserting frequently used text with a function key.
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Schedule Recurring Email
discount code "BH93RF24"
Are you sending the same emails over and over?
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Quick Templates
discount code "4PM76A8"
The Quick Templates add-in is designed for fast insertion text templates into Microsoft Outlook mail messages. This add-in will help you with entering frequently used text fragments, save the time and avoid mistyping in your messages.
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Bells & Whistles for Outlook
discount code "time-saver25"
Using Bells & Whistles, users can create Outlook email replies faster, by inserting personalized greetings, defined by the first, last or full alias name of the email address where the email is going to be sent. Moreover, it counts email replies per subject, it adds 6 digits subject tracking IDs, time, date and attachment stamps and it alerts users about missing attachments or blank email subjects. Users can easily insert their most used text patterns into outgoing emails, such as product instructions, service details, web page addresses, signatures or any other predefined text template.
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Canned Responses
Canned text, templates, emoticons, documents integrated in the Outlook email toolbar.
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Email Responder
Autoresponse to incoming e-mails, based on your Free/Busy (Out of Office) Status.
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ReplyWith Templates
MS Outlook tools simplifies the process of replying repetitive email messages using predefined email templates.
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Set a schedule for sending your e-mail messages.
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Business Bundle
discount code "BH93RF24"
Get five of our best selling add-ins in a single package for one low price.
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Email Templates
discount code "RSPA-WKGG"
Email Templates™ is an extension to Microsoft Outlook designed to send personalized messages rapidly to individuals and multiple recipients. Email Templates has the ability to create customizable message templates, speeding the process of handling email.
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Standss InsertText for Outlook
Speed up email response times and ensure high quality replies by using templates in which you can not only define the message text but also a CC address, attachment, greeting by recipient name and more.
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