Outlook for Office 365 Feature Update for March 2020

Microsoft has just released the March feature update of Outlook for Office 365 (Monthly Channel) and it comes with 2 new features for Outlook and 1 highlighted fix.

  • Drag email to a group you own
    Move and copy messages and conversations by dragging them from your inbox. Messages you drag will be shared with all group members.
  • New experience for captive wifi networks
    Have you ever joined a wifi network that required a web page to sign in with? Outlook now detects this and helps you get connected. (Woohoo! Finally! :-) )
  • Addressed an issue that caused users to see the Outlook process lingering in task manager after exiting.

Note: Depending on your installation type, this update can be installed via the Update Now button in Outlook or the Microsoft Store and updates Outlook to: Version 2003 (Build 12624.20320).