Did you notice some downtime?

Well, I hope not! Today I changed the backend of my website, or in less technical terms; the stuff that keeps my website running ;-)

After years and years of managing separate htm-files, everything is now finally in a database and managed by a lot less template files. I’ve taken much care in making sure all the ‘old’ links still work and will continue to work since they are the ‘new’ links as well. However, there were a few links for which it wasn’t possible to transfer them but you should be automatically redirected for those. One of those links is for the RSS Feed of my website. If your RSS application is advanced enough, it will probably automatically update the subscription link and otherwise you’ll have to do it manually. If you come across some issues with my website, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Which reminds me; I have to update my About page! Last month I got my degree of “Master of Science in ICT in Business”. My thesis research was titled; “Bridging the gap between intra-organizational mobile collaboration scenarios and tools.”

I know things have been quiet on this website for a while but with the graduation and this backend change, I can finally focus again on the content part of this website. I’ve got a big list of ideas to write guides on but if you have some ideas too on things you want to see covered on this website you can contacts me.

I’ll also frequently post small tips and tricks on Outlook on my other Outlook website MSOutlook.info.

See you soon! :-)