April Hotfixes for Outlook 2007

A new Hotfix has been released for Outlook 2007 that solves 16 issues in total.

The most notable fix is for people that sync with a Windows Mobile device. Here it could happen that a yearly recurring event created on your Windows Mobile device turned into a recurring event of once every 12 years (instead of once every 12 months).

For the full list of issues solved see KB981048

In addition to this language generic hotfix, 2 language specific hotfixes have been released;
KB982337 : Update for the Spanish version of Outlook (es-es).
KB981980 : Update for the English and Hebrew version of Outlook (en-us) (he-il)

Since these are hotfixes and not regular updates, you won’t be offered this update via Microsoft Update but will have to request it. You can do this at the information page of each hotfix.

If you are not (seriously) effected by any of these issues, it is recommended to wait for the next Service Pack or regular Rollup Update which will most likely contain all these fixes as well.