Outlook 2010 Hotfixes for December 2013

3 Hotfixes have been released for Outlook 2010 fixing a total of 11 issues.

Hotfix KB2849973 for Outlook 2010
This hotfix contains 9 fixes for specific issues. Most notable fixes are;

  • After you install Office 2010 Service Pack 2. When you connect to SharePoint Calendar by using Outlook 2010, you receive lots of event log for Event 27 in the Windows Application Event Viewer.
  • 2 fixes for users who use Assistive Technology, such as Windows Narrator where, where it either doesn’t say anything or reads the wrong information.
  • Fixes to the responsiveness of Outlook.

View: Full list of fixes and download information for KB2849973

Hotfix KB2849991 for Outlook 2010
This hotfix fixes a focus issue when you tab through controls in a meeting that has a retention policy enabled.

View: More details and download information for KB2849991

Hotfix KB2553315 for Outlook Social Connector 2010
This hotfix solves an issue with when you add a contact from a global address list (GAL). When GalSync runs to update the address information of the contact, GalSync overwrites the address information in the addresses field instead of changing the information.

View: More details and download information for KB2553315

Obtaining the hotfixes
These are a Hotfixes and not regular updates. You can request them via their KB article page.