Renewed Add-ins section

You might have noticed it already; since this week HowTo-Outlook has a completely new Add-in section! Since its introduction, the add-in section basically hadn’t changed at all and the length and diversity of the list made it impractical to use.

Now, all the add-ins have been categorized and got background information. Aside from browsing the categories, you can search for add-ins now as well making it even easier to find the functionality you are looking for.

The main page of the add-in sections offers you quick links to popular add-ins and categories. In the featured section some interesting add-ins are highlighted from the large collection of add-ins in the database.

This was a huge undertaking which distracted from adding new content to the website over the past few weeks so I’ll apologize for that. New guides are still planned and already being worked on though, and the 3rd version of OutlookTools is being worked on hard as well. In the mean time, tips are still being added daily to the tip-blog though.

If you are encountering any issues with the new add-ins section, have any ideas about improvement, want to added to our add-in database, would like see a guide about a certain topic or anything else, feel free to contact me.