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Thinking green? It’s nice to know we can help the environment by preventing needless paper printing – the simple “nag” of causing a prompt before each print helps reduce the amount of paper used. By increasing the friction to print people performing unnecessary printing jobs think about what they’re doing and can question whether a physical printing is really necessary. 

After all, the cost of printing is more than paper and ink: toner, service and maintenance costs also add up. And of course, the impact on the environment after that piece of paper is no longer needed has to be taken into account. This add-in encourages pc based scanning and emailing and reduces potential printer expenses by discouraging physical printing during the workflow process.

Think Green saves paper costs by reducing print output resulting in a greener earth – which is a good thing for all of us. Buy your copy today.


  • Saves paper
  • Prompts before printing – “Are you sure you really need to print this?”
  • Covers any method of printing within Outlook – by button, menu, or keyboard shortcut
  • Works with Outlook 2007 only
  • Integrates within Outlook which means it is easy to access

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