Print issues Outlook 2007 after installing KB2509470

Update May 11, 2011
This update has now been fixed and rereleased by Microsoft and should no longer cause any of issues mentioned below. You can install it via Microsoft Update (if you haven’t already) or download and apply it manually here.

Update April 29, 2011
Microsoft has released hotfix KB2512788 which solves the issue below. As it is a hotfix, you’ll need to request, download and install the update manually. A solution will also be included in a later rollup update which will be automatically offered via Microsoft Update.

After installing KB2509470, you can experience an issue with printing or previewing messages or other Outlook items in Memo style and receive the following error;

There is a problem with the selected printer. You might need to reinstall this printer. Try again, or use a different printer.

For Plain Text messages this error can be preceded by;

Outlook has encountered a problem. You will not be able to undo this action once it is completed. Do you want to continue?

After this error, Outlook could take high CPU (100% CPU for a single core).


  1. Close Outlook.
  2. Locate OutlPrnt and rename it to .old. This will reset your current print settings. 
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista and Windows 7
      C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\
  3. Restart Outlook and you should now be able to print again.

Sadly this often only works for 1 print or preview and you’ll have to repeat the process again for your next print. In some cases, restarting Outlook is sufficient and you can print as long as you no longer use the Print Preview function.

Workaround 2
Another workaround is to save the message as a htm-file or txt-file first and then print the saved file.

The Outlook Team is aware of this issue and is looking into it. If you need to do a lot of printing and suffer from this issue, you can safely uninstall the update for now as it is a functional update and not a security update.