Outlook 2016 Update for February 2016

A Rollup Update has been released for Outlook 2016. This is a non-security update which contains 6 documented improvements and fixes.

Most notable fixes are:

  • Adds the ability to select and interact with multiple attachments in Outlook 2016.
  • When you open an email message in Outlook 2016, you receive the Access Denied error message. This issue occurs because an incorrect cached token is used to access email messages if you open different email messages within 60 seconds.
  • When you try to open or save an attachment that has a long file name in an email message in Outlook 2016, Outlook 2016 crashes.

View: Download information for KB3114707

Note: This update can be installed via Microsoft Update or the Update Now button when you are using Office 365 and updates Outlook to version 16.0.4339.1000 (msi-based installation) or 16.0.6366.2068 (Office 365 based installation).