Advanced Rules and more new features coming to

The has announced that in the coming weeks 4 new features will roll out to all users.

  • Advanced Rules
    Now you can create multi-condition and multi-action rules. New conditions include time constraints, email tallying, checking read/unread state of emails, and checking if the sender is a contact you know. Now you can create a rule like:
    • If an unread email is older than 3 days and is from one of your contacts, mark it as important and flag it.
  • Undo
    In the top-right corner, you’ll now see a Undo button. This button can undo the message action mistakes for delete, categorize, flag, mark as junk, or move. Pressing CTRL+Z will also do the trick.
  • In-line reply
    Similar to Outlook 2013 and OWA 2013, will now support In-line reply. When you now press the Reply button, the Reading Pane will change into a Compose Pane so you can write your reply without needing to open a new browser window or tab and stay within your mailbox. You still have the option to “Pop Out” if you want a dedicated compose window or tab.
  • More personal messaging
    The chat experience has received the following improvements:
    • There is a Messaging section in the bottom left of your screen with contact pictures to quickly start a conversation by clicking on them.
    • You can switch your chat between different messaging services such as Messenger, Skype and Facebook chat.
    • Filter the People section by messaging service or availability.

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