Outlook 2010 Hotfixes for August 2014

2 Hotfixes have been released for Outlook 2010 fixing a total of 2 issues which haven’t been included in the most current Rollup Update

Hotfix KB2889819 for Outlook 2010
This hotfix fixes the issue where dragging an msg-file from an Explorer folder and dropping it back into Outlook creates a new message with that file as an attachment rather than creating the item within the folder.

View: More details and download information for KB2889819

Hotfix KB2881058 for Outlook 2010
After applying this hotfix, Outlook will no longer show downloading prompts or attempt to download a linked image when the link to the image doesn’t work. (This is finally the real solution to the PayPal message hang issue from almost 3 years ago!) 

View: More details and download information for KB2881058

Note: These are Hotfixes and not regular updates. You can request each of them via their respective KB article page. They will also be included in the next Rollup Update.