7 Tips to prevent your Calendar from crashing or becoming out-of-sync

For many, the Calendar in Outlook is a crucial part of their day and for future planning. To make sure you can rely on it, there are a couple of important do’s and don’ts to be aware of.

Record gas mileage for Appointments, Meetings, Contacts and Tasks

Even though Outlook has a field to record mileage for various items, aside from the Tasks item, it is nearly impossible to fill it out quickly. With this macro you can now quickly log and retrieve your mileage for a selected or opened Appointment/Meeting, Contact item or Task.

Creating a new appointment based on an existing one

This guide contains a macro with which you can use an exisiting appointment as a template to create a new appointment. You can configure which properties should be copied to this new appointment. The result similar to the feature of creating a new contact from the same company.

Shift multiple Appointments to a different time

There can be various reasons why you might need to move multiple appointments or meetings at once while maintaining their mutual offset such as a sudden change of schedule, a sync gone wrong, time zone changes or DST madness. The macro in this guide makes it more easy to change all these appointments or meetings at once.

Printing a yearly calendar with Holidays and Birthdays

Outlook itself doesn’t contain a Yearly Calendar Style to print your calendar but you can use the Calendar Printing Assistant for this instead. This guide provides instructions on how to print a yearly calendar with key dates such as Holidays and Birthdays and also contains exclusive templates to improve the printing output.

Reporting time spent on Meeting, Task and Journal items

While Outlook is great at planning and registering all your activities, it is not that great when it comes to reporting about those activities. This guide contains several methods to create such reports.

Driving directions for meeting locations

This guide contains a macro for creating a Map It function for Appointment and Meetings similar to the Map It function for Contacts. With this macro the Location field is used to get directions in your favorite on-line route planner.