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Category HowTo     Sorting Outgoing E-mails (April 24)

When you use rules to sort your outgoing e-mails into folders you’ll notice that you can actually only “move a copy” to that folder. This rule is quite unclear and actualy contradicts itself; does it move or does it copy? Well it copies and when you use the rule by default you’ll end up with duplicates which is probably not what you want; you want it to move! This is still possible but it involves modifying another options and carefully craft your e-mail rules.

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Category Info     Finally! Holiday! (Apr 8)

For all you people mailing me whether I’ve abandoned my site; thanks for your concern and no, I’ve definitely not abandoned my site. I just got buried in a lot of work for uni and didn’t really have the time to finish and test my new articles fully to feel comfortable posting it. But now; just finished my exams, had a great time at a party last night (you know who you are ;-) and I’ve got two weeks of Holiday! So I’ll finally be able to finish the articles and release them to the web. Amongst them is a much requested workaround for not being able to add background music to your mails anymore after installing Windows XP SP2.

So stay tuned and subscribe to the RSS feed to receive a notice of the new articles when they get posted!

Category FAQ     Added FAQ: Reset Unread Mail Count on Login Screen (Dec 28)

On the Windows XP login screen you can easily see how many unread mail you still have in your inbox. This number can be wrong sometimes. This could happen for all sorts of reasons but the most common I come across is that someone else uses MSN Messenger on my machine. The number of his/her unread e-mails then gets added to my unread mail. When you click on the unread mail count on the login screen you can see how many unread mails each logged account has. While resetting the unread mail count is easy (with the TweakUI Windows XP PowerToy) you might want to prevent it from ever happening again.

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Category FAQ     Added FAQ: CRC Errors on pst-file (Nov 20)

CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) errors are indicating errors with a specific file and in lot of cases with your harddisk. It doesn’t indicate a problem with Outlook itself but a problem with the place on the harddisk where your pst-file is located. When this occurs after you have just copied the pst-file (on disk, from network, from CD, by download) you should first verify that the original source still works and try to copy it again. If this has happed “all of a sudden” like in that it still worked yesterday the issue can be either software based or hardware based. See the full article on how to solve these software or hardware based issues.

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Category Other programs    Microsoft Releases Technical Beta of Office 12 (Nov 20)

Microsoft Corp. today announced the technical beta release of the new Office system, code-named Office 12. The technical beta is available only to nominated customers and partners worldwide and is an important step toward general availability scheduled for the second half of 2006.

Microsoft Office 12 is designed to help improve information workers productivity through a new results-oriented user interface, powerful graphics and diagramming engines, and advanced task and information management tools. In addition, through broader investments in enhancing business intelligence, collaboration and enterprise content management capabilities within Office 12, there are new solutions to help customers control content, streamline business processes, collaborate across organizational boundaries and make more-informed decisions.

Office 12 will redefine the Office experience, said Chris Capossela, corporate vice president of the Information Worker Product Management Group at Microsoft. The next version of Office is the most significant release in more than 10 years and includes new technologies designed to allow information workers to drive greater business success. Now, after many years of research and development, were eager to put the software to the test and solicit technical feedback from select customers and partners.

View full press release: Microsoft Releases Technical Beta of Office 12
View: Office 12 Preview Website

Category Other programs    Active Sync 4.1 (Nov 20)

ActiveSync 4.1 is the latest sync software release for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices.

Microsoft ActiveSync provides a great synchronization experience with Windows-based PCs and Microsoft Outlook right out of the box. ActiveSync acts as the gateway between your Windows-based PC and Windows Mobile-based device, enabling the transfer of Outlook information, Office documents, pictures, music, videos and applications from your desktop to your device. In addition to synchronizing with a desktop PC, ActiveSync can synchronize directly with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 so that you can keep your e-mail, Calendar, Notes, and Contacts updated wirelessly when youre away from your PC.

New features include:

  • New partnership wizard makes syncing easier
  • Faster transfer of data files including media
  • Ability to sync photos assigned to contacts from Outlook on the desktop

ActiveSync 4.1 supports PC sync via USB cable, Bluetooth, or infrared connection.

Download: Active Sync 4.1

Category FAQ     Added FAQ: Interface Not Registered (Oct 11)

Yesterday I answered a question in the newsgroups regarding the error "Interface Not Registered". When I checked the post for follow up I saw a lot of responses from others saying that they had this problem as well and that the solution I provided solved their issue. Because of this “popular demand” I promised to put it on my site.

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Category About     Site Redesign (Oct 9)

As you’ve might have noticed; I’ve made some layout changes to Howto-Outlook. Besides some technical improvements the site should now give a more relaxed look and feel and an improved navigation. The HowTo, FAQ and Other sections are now categorized as well in order to more easily find what you’re looking for. I also noticed that the About section was heavily outdated so I gave that an update too. The site now also has RSS support for newly posted articles. If you’re not familiar with RSS just take a look in the Services section for an explanation on that and suggestions for newreaders.

I hope you like the changes!

Category Other programs     Updated: Guide to slipstream Service Pack 2 with the CD installation source (Sep 28)

When you slipstream Service Pack 2 into your Office 2003 installation point, Office 2003 will be installed at Service Pack 2 level saving you the trouble of applying it afterwards. All you need is Office 2003 Service Pack 2 and the installation CD of Office 2003.

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Category Office     Office 2003 Service Pack 2 (Sep 27)

Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 2 contains significant security enhancements, in addition to stability and performance improvements. Some of the fixes included with SP2 have been previously released as separate updates. This service pack combines them into one update.

Download: Office 2003 Service Pack 2
Download: OneNote 2003 Service Pack 2
Download: Visio 2003 Service Pack 2
Download: Project Server 2003 Service Pack 2
Download: Windows SharePoint Services 2003 Service Pack 2
Download: Office 2003 Service Pack 2 for Proofing Tools
Download: Outlook Live 2003 Service Pack 2
Download: Project 2003 Service Pack 2
Download: Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB904631)