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This software helps centrally manage email signatures and disclaimers in email messages sent from any email client or mobile device that flow through Exchange 2016 server in your organization. The program will let you create and control email signatures in a more extensive way than it is possible natively.

This program complements native exchange transport rules and allows you to:

  • Insert email signatures directly under the latest response when exchanging emails in online conversations
  • In the Sent Items folder in the sender’s email client, view a signature added to already sent emails
  • Compose different signatures for different users (senders, recipients, AD groups)
  • Create unified and centrally managed email signatures and disclaimers
  • Add your signatures to emails sent from any device or email client (e.g. Outlook, OWA, Android, iPhone/iPad, etc.)
  • Enrich company email signatures with visuals, logos and photos
  • Personalize signatures by making use of Active Directory fields

Key Features

  • Signatures and disclaimers added automatically 
    Define conditions and actions to determine which signatures and disclaimers and under what circumstances will be added to your emails. Once the program is all set up, it automatically adds signatures to your online correspondence.
  • Different signatures for different users  
    You can create and apply various email signatures for different users or group of users, e.g. signature designed for people from marketing department may differ from the one for sales persons. Tell the program which signature is for whom and let the program do the rest.
  • Central email signature and disclaimer management  
    Manage email signatures and disclaimers for everyone in your organization from one place. Add legal disclaimers to all emails to comply with legal requirements concerning online correspondence.
  • Dynamic Active Directory data in signatures  
    You can create unified signatures for all employees in your company but at the same time keep them fully personalized. Thanks to Active Directory placeholders, you can have each signature filled in with personal information of a specific user.
  • Add logos, photos or other visuals to your signature  
    Make your signature more attractive by decorating it with your company logo, employees’ photos, images or marketing banners. All that can be smoothly achieved thanks to a build-in HTML editor equipped with all popular formatting tools.
  • Insert QR codes to your emails  
    Thanks to this functionality, the program can add any information to your signature in form of QR codes that can be easily copied and saved by mobile users to their phones. Generated on the fly, QR codes can even consist of Active Directory placeholders that are filled in automatically.
  • Signatures for different email clients and mobile devices  
    Thanks to the fact that this program adds signatures directly on the Exchange server, it supports all email clients and mobile devices unless entire email flow goes through the server. This way you can send emails from, e.g. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Outlook or OWA and still enjoy your massages being stamped with professionally designed email signatures.
  • Built-in Template Editor  
    The program is equipped with an easy-to-use template editor, which will help you to design nice HTML, RTF and plain text email signatures and disclaimers. Just in a few clicks, add images and social media buttons, hyperlinks or tables. Modify the text using popular formatting tools.
  • View signatures in Sent Items  
    If you want to see how your signature presents in already sent email message, you can configure Sent Items Update service so that all emails stamped with the signature will be updated in Sent Items folder in your email client.
  • Boost your email marketing campaigns  
    Thanks to CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2016 you can manage clickable marketing banners and add them to your email correspondence to boost marketing campaigns. You decide what you want to promote and when, the program will help you achieve that in an easy way.
  • Place your signature anywhere in the email  
    You can tell the program where in the email message you want the signature to be inserted. Decide whether it should appear right under the latest response or maybe at the very bottom of an email thread.
  • Rules Tester  
    When your signature is created and the rule is configured, you can test your settings by sending a test email using a built-in Rules Tester. If everything looks as expected, you can start using this rule in a real environment.
  • Quick installation and easy to use  
    You need just a couple of moments to install the program on your Exchange 2016 and then enjoy its simplicity of use. Load one of predefined email signature templates available in Templates Library to test the software quickly.

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