CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013


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Centrally add unified disclaimers, signatures and branding to emails sent from Exchange 2013 accounts – all without touching end-users machines.

Compatible with all popular mail clients and mobile devices. The program is easy to use and fills the gaps in Exchange Hub Transport rules.

Key features

  • Automatic signatures
    Signatures are added based on rules you define. Simply set up rules for selected users or recipients and let the program automatically decide which signatures should be added and when. Forever remove the need to set up anything in users’ mail clients.
  • Active Directory attributes in signatures
    Not only are the signatures unified and global but they remain fully personalized. Add Active Directory placeholders while designing templates and each signature will be tailored for each and every user, keeping your corporate image unified at the same time.
  • Logos, photographs and banners
    No matter what device you’re on, your email signatures will still look beautiful and professional. Add advanced graphics, company logotypes and more.
  • Support for mobile devices and various mail clients
    CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 can stamp disclaimers to email sent from virtually any device and email client. Outlook, OWA, Outlook for Mac, Entourage, iDevices, Android and Windows mobile mail clients are fully supported.
  • WYSIWYG signature and disclaimer editor
    Composing signature templates is just a breeze and requires no HTML experience. With just a few clicks you can create HTML, RTF and plain text signatures for your Exchange 2013 mail.
  • Group signatures
    Set up your rules to add different signatures for selected departments, groups or individual users. Create multiple templates and manage them centrally.
  • Sent Items Update
    Now users can see their signatures in Sent items folders in their email clients, even though the signatures are stamped on the server’s side. This cannot be done using Exchange Hub transport rules.
  • Signature positioning system
    On Exchange you cannot decide where email disclaimers should be inserted to messages. CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 lets you add auto-signatures as headers, footers or directly under your own response.
  • QR codes
    QR codes are so fancy now that we’ve added them to the editor. It’s not a simple QR code generator though – the codes are generated live with users’ up-to-date info pulled from Active Directory.
  • Tools for email marketing
    Ever wanted to add a random marketing banner under everybody’s email? And maybe you want your marketing team to do it without touching Exchange 2013 settings? Oh yes – they can do it now with CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013.
  • Rules scheduler
    Fire-and-forget. Plan your email signature and banner campaigns in advance and let the program switch them on and off automatically when needed.
  • Quick installation, easy to use
    Just download the program and see how quickly you can have it up and running on your Exchange Server 2013. And you don’t have to go it alone – you can always ask us for help.

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