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CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 is an administrative tool which enhances your ability to manage email signatures and disclaimers in Exchange Online. By using this tool, you will gain full control over every email traveling through your Office 365 tenant, irrespective of what mail client is used by users.

  • Cloud only (nothing to install on servers or email clients)
  • Automatically add signatures to emails sent from any device (including mobiles)
  • Personalize signatures using Azure AD data
  • Safe relay technology within MS datacenters
  • Insert signatures under latest reply/forward
  • Easily add images and banners
  • Compose signature templates in HTML editor

Key features

  • Central and automatic email signatures
    Once you set up the program email signatures and disclaimers are automatically added to emails according to the settings you chose. What’s more, email signatures are set and added directly in the Cloud, on the server side. Therefore, there’s no need to distribute settings to client machines.
  • All email clients and mobile devices supported
    CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 stamps emails when they travel through the Cloud, so there are absolutely no limitations as far as email clients are concerned. The program can insert email signatures into messages sent from literally any device. Even a fridge.
  • Azure AD support
    Personalize your email signature designs by including dynamic AD placeholders. After a user sends an email, CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 will read their information from Azure AD and insert it into the email signature on the fly.
  • Logos and banners in signatures
    Images and graphics are fully supported by the program and you can use them freely in your email signature templates. This will not only make your emails look more professional, but also open up new possibilities as far as email marketing is concerned.
  • Built-in HTML editor
    One of the most powerful CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365’s features is the built-in WYSIWYG editor. HTML expert or not, you will be churning out professional HTML email signature templates like a pro.
  • Signatures added according to sender’s properties
    Email signatures are added to emails according to rules defined in the program. Those rules can apply to the entire organization, particular groups or even individual users. Thanks to the built-in AD filter, you can also set the program to add email signatures according to user AD properties, e.g. the department they work in. This makes CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 a very powerful and scalable solution.
  • Emails processed on Microsoft Azure servers
    Our safe relay technology redirects and processes your emails within CodeTwo services located in Microsoft’s datacenters. The operation is invisible to both the sender and the recipient.
  • Express deployment
    All aspects of the setup, including the configuration of Exchange Online connectors, are guided by automatic wizards. All you need to do is authorize the process with your Office 365 global admin credentials and run the program’s management console – no installs required!
  • Reliable and secure
    We’ve put a lot of effort into making CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 a rock-solid piece of software. The application has been put through extensive tests internally and beta tested to the point where we could say with confidence that it is 100% reliable and secure. Thanks to Azure OAuth 2 authentication, we don’t store your admin credentials in our services, which makes it impossible for hackers and data snoopers to view them.
  • Use email signatures for marketing and track the results
    Email signatures are a great way of promoting your brand and products to customers. Not only you can send out marketing communication to your customers in email footers, but also, by adding some URL tagging to links, you can easily track the results of such campaigns in web analytics platforms, e.g. in Google Analytics.

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