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Say hello to Lookeen, an add-on application for Microsoft Outlook that will change your daily work forever! Lookeen is compatible with Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365 and is installed in less than a minute! Get – that flood of emails under control!

Search, rearrange and organize even the largest amounts of data quickly and easily. Lookeen handles up to 100 GB of data. The concept of creating a high-perfomance index makes it possible! This allows you to find important information within seconds! With Lookeen, you will ‘find’ instead of ‘search’.

Many Outlook users have several PST files (Personal Folder Files), additional archives or exchange stores. If you are looking for an item without Lookeen, you have to search every folder manually. More importantly, searching through huge mounds of data and multitudes of folders is tedious, costs a lot of time and makes demands on resources. Lookeen indexes itself with every file in your Outlook account.

Do you want to restrict your search? With a single click, you can view the mail correspondence between yourself and another person, or even specify a time period in which you want to search. Do you want to limit the search to a specific file format, such as DOC, XLS or PDF (amongst others)? No problem!

And, you can of course save all the search parameters in your favorites and recall them instantly with shortcuts.

With one of the fastest search engines on the market, you will have your search results in milliseconds.

Main features overview;

  • Search in up to 100 Gigabytes
  • Search for e-mails, attachments, appointments, tasks, notes and contacts
  • Integrated Desktop search: Search all files on your computer
  • Central indexing reduces server and network traffic
  • Supports Exchange Server, external PST-Archives and network drives

Central Indexing for teams and companies

Central Indexing of centrally used Outlook data or network files within the company – that is the Lookeen “Shared Index”. The advantages: “Shared index” reduces the traffic on exchange-servers and within networks, as well as preserving the user’s processor time and storage resources. Last but not least, it saves precious working time for each individual user.

Do you have a lot of Outlook archives which are not opened in Outlook? With the help of the Shared Index, you will have all your information under control. Usually, every user has their own personal index for their data. However, it can be very useful to have not only a personal index but also several external Lookeen indexes to search in. In a situation where there are a lot of public documents or big public files in the company network which are to be browsed by many users, on an exchange-server, it would usually be the case that each user would have to bear the responsibility of indexing this data themselves. However, this increases the network traffic in an undesirable way, and at the same time puts a burden on the user’s computer and costs precious working time.

By using the Shared Index you can generate a central index and make this index available to all desired users. This is done in a very easy way by providing the index path. Now individual users can browse through personal and external indexes at the same time.

Do you have a lot of Outlook archives in the form of PST-files, that you don’t always want to use all at once in your current profile? With the help of the Shared Index you will have all your information under control. To achieve this you only have to generate an external index for your PST-archives.

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