Outlook for Office 365 Feature Update for September 2019

The September feature update of Outlook for Office 365 (Monthly Channel) was released on the final day of September and it comes with 7 new features for Outlook.

  • Insert Link Menu in Outlook will insert a link with permission defined by tenant admin
    A link from the Insert Link MRU in Outlook would insert a link that only worked for users who already had permissions to it. This often caused back and forth emails between users asking to be granted access to a document. We’ve updated this experience so now the link is inserted with the default permission set by the tenant admin.
  • Outlook visual refresh
    This is part of the visual refresh of core experiences in Outlook, updating how mail messages layout in the reading pane and inspector.
  • Shared calendar updates just got faster
    For shared calendars in Office 365, Outlook can update these calendars using the REST API. Turn on the preview for faster and more reliable updates to shared calendars.
    File-> Account Settings-> Account Settings…-> double click on your Office 365 account-> More Settings-> Advanced-> Turn on shared calendar improvements (preview)
  • See relevant messages in your search results
    Outlook analyzes search terms and shows the most relevant email messages at the top of your search results. You’ll also see all results sorted by date in the Top Results section.
    File-> Options-> Search-> Show most relevant search results on top
  • Send the mail to the right person
    Just click the To: line and choose from suggested contacts. A picture and presence indicator helps you choose the right person.
  • Advanced protection against attack
    With Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, you’re protected against attacks through hyperlinks within email subjects, attached messages, signed messages, network paths, and so on.
  • See your messages in a different light
    Use the Sun/Moon button to switch between light and dark backgrounds in the reading pane.

Note: Depending on your installation type, this update can be installed via the Update Now button in Outlook or the Microsoft Store and updates Outlook to: Version 1909 (Build 12026.20264).