Exclusive Wintersale of Picture Attachments Wizard (50% discount)

For a limited time only, Collaborative Innovations is offering their Picture Attachments Wizard addin with a 50% discount when using the discount code; MSOUTLOOKINFO-WINTERSALE

This offer is valid until the end of the Winter (March 21).

Amongst others, the Picture Attachment Wizard addin will allow you to view picture attachments as thumbnails directly within the Outlook message or even view them all within a Slide Show. This takes away the need to open them one at a time.

The Picture Attachments Wizard can also automatically save the received pictures to the folder where you keep all your pictures. Additionally, you can choose if you want to open the picture with a picture viewer or directly into your favorite picture editor. If you are into photography, you’d might like it that the addin also shows EXIF information about the picture such as camera model, shutter speed, flash mode, exposure time, etc…

Besides assisting with receiving picture attachments, the Picture Attachment Wizard addin can also help with sending them by resizing them, rotating them and changing them into a format which is more convenient for emails.

For more information see Picture Attachments Wizard by Collaborative Innovations.