Outlook 2010 Hotfixes for December 2011

The following hotfixes have been released for Outlook 2010. Some only apply to Service Pack 1 users;

Hotfix KB2597061 for Outlook 2010

This hotfix solves an issue where you cannot attach calendar information to an email message by using the “Send a Calendar via E-mail” feature in Outlook 2007.

This issue was introduced in hotfix KB2552972 (June 28, 2011) and is also included in subsequent hotfixes and the update KB2553323 (November 8, 2011)

View: Full details and download information for KB2597061

Hotfix KB2597011 for Outlook 2010

This hotfix contains 22 fixes for specific issues. Most notable fixes are;

  • Several fixes for calendar, scheduling, printing, permissions and reminder issues.
  • Several fixes for searching issues with online mailboxes and online archives.  
  • Outlook does not start correctly and does not show any windows. Additionally, there are Outlook.exe processes running in the Windows Task Manager task list.
  • Outlook does not work correctly when the “Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time” check box for the operating system is cleared.

View: Full list of fixes and download information for KB2597011

Additional hotfixes for Outlook 2010

3 additional hotfixes were released which each solve 1 specific issue;

  • KB2597001: CTRL+ALT+Q doesn’t insert the at sign (@) when using a German keyboard.
  • KB2597051: Outlook Social Connector cannot connect to the My Site page in Microsoft Office 365 and therefore cannot update social data.
  • KB2597012: When you define a custom action for a contact in Outlook 2010, the custom action is not displayed in the contact’s shortcut menu.

Obtaining the hotfixes
These are Hotfixes and not a regular updates. You can request them via the KB article pages.