Downloading Outlook 2013 from Office 365 after March 1, 2017

Download Office buttonSupport for the Office 2013 versions of Office 365 has ended and are no longer being offered for download in the download sections of Office 365 Home and Office 365 for Business.

If you still have it installed, you will receive Security Updates until April 10, 2023.

Upgrading to Office 2016 is highly recommended and also already part of your Office 365 subscription. However, common reasons why you might still need Office/Outlook 2013 are;

When you still need to (re-)install Office 2013 as part of Office 365 for whatever reason, you can still download it by using a direct link or by using the Office 2013 Deployment Tool.

Download Links

Hyperlink buttonThe direct download links for any edition and language of Office 2013 consists out of the following parts which need to be put together to form one (long) link;

  • BaseURL
  • Edition
    The name to use for your Office 2013 edition can be found in this article.
  • Bitness
    Use x86 for the 32-bit version of Office and x64 for 64-bit version.
  • Language
    &language=<language ID>
    You can look up the language IDs in this Microsoft Docs article.
  • Version

Below are examples of fully constructed download links for the main Office 365 editions of Office 2013. Each of these links will download the 32-bit US-English installer package of the corresponding Office 2013 edition;

Office 2013 Deployment Tool

Office 2013 Deployment Tool buttonAnother way to obtain the installation packages is by using the Office 2013 Deployment Tool for Click-to-Run.

This tool is intended to be used in corporate environments where Office is being deployed from a network share via Group Policies or other software distribution methods.

For instructions to use the Office 2013 Deployment tool see;

When you only need to install a single or a few computers, it is recommended to use the direct download links instead.