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office     Exchange 2003 OWA XBOX theme, anyone? (Aug 15)

Lee Derbyshire wrote an article over at – on how to create your custom Exchange 2003 OWA themes. To make this more fun, we made the files needed for XBOX-inspired OWA theme available here.

View/Download: Exchange 2003 OWA XBOX theme, anyone?

office     FrontPage 2003, 2002, and 2000 Add-in Version 2: bCentral Commerce Manager (Aug 15)

This add-in provides you with all the tools you need to create, update, and manage a fully-powered e-commerce Web site. After you install the add-in, all you need to do is sign up for a Microsoft bCentral™ Commerce Manager account, create a product catalog, run the E-commerce Wizard, and customize your Web site to suit your needs.

Download: FrontPage 2003, 2002, and 2000 Add-in Version 2- bCentral Commerce Manager

howto     What do the Outlook Icons Mean? (Aug 11)

Outlook has got many icons to indicate something about a mail. You probably already know the closed envelope, the open envelop, marked as forwarded, marked as replied and if you are in an Exchange organization the Out of Office icon probably looks familiar as well. I’ve been asked several times before what a specific icon means. Since then I really started to look at them and collect them (it’s bit like collecting stamps right?)… for you of course and to write a guide on it! ;-)

Well it’s finished now and you can see the list of icons and their meaning by clicking the link below.

Although these are Outlook 2003 icons I’m sure you’ll recognize the icons for your version of Outlook.

View: What do the Outlook Icons Mean?

office    Microsoft Opens Up Live Meeting Options (Aug 11)

Microsoft is trotting out new pricing options for its hosted Live Meeting Web conferencing.

Added to the mix are new named-user and conference room models. In the former, companies pay for individuals who then can have as many meetings as they want with up to 15 participants, according to Jennifer Callison, director of product management. Pricing starts at $180 per person for the standard edition or $300 per person for the professional edition which adds application sharing, handouts and recordings to the mix.

The limited-room model for 15 meetings per month starts at $200 per seat per year. An unlimited option covers as many meetings as needed and starts at $600 per seat per year.

Finally, a new monthly minutes option will let users sign up for a block of time each month and get higher discounts the more they use the service. Callison likened this to a cell phone usage plan minus the penalties for overuse.

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info     Net phone customers brace for ‘VoIP spam’ (Aug11)

If you’re sick of spam, imagine wading through dozens of prerecorded porn and Viagra messages on your voice mail.

Some computer security and privacy experts are warning that such a day may not be far off for customers of new Internet phone services, which marry the immediacy of a voice call with the conveniences–and inconveniences–of e-mail.

That could be unwelcome news for those who believe telemarketing is already so bad it can’t possibly get any worse.
“The fear with VoIP spam is you will have an Internet address for your phone number, which means you can use the same tools you use for e-mail to generate traffic, said Tom Kershaw, a vice president at security specialist VeriSign. “That raises automation to scary degrees.”

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office     Office 2003 Add-in: Latin and Cyrillic Transliteration (Aug 11)

This download enables you to select an area of text within Word 2003 or PowerPoint 2003 to convert it from Cyrillic script to Latin script or vice-versa. This can be also be used for Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 when Word 2003 is used as the e-mail editor.

Download: Office 2003 Add-in: Latin and Cyrillic Transliteration

update     Security Update for Exchange 5.5 (KB842436) (Aug 11)

A security issue has been identified that could allow an attacker to run programs and access data on a computer running Microsoft® Exchange Server 5.5. You can help protect your computer by installing this update from Microsoft.

Download: Security Update for Exchange 5.5 (KB842436)

office     MapPoint and Streets and Trips Construction Update (Aug 11)

Download the construction information update to keep the road construction projects information of your maps current in Streets and Trips.
Save the file in the Data folder, located where you installed the program files for MapPoint or Streets & Trips. I.e. C:\Program Files\Microsoft MapPoint\Data\

Download: MapPoint 2001 and Streets and Trips 2001 Construction Update
Download: MapPoint 2002 and Streets and Trips 2002 Construction Update
Download: MapPoint 2003 and Streets and Trips 2003 Construction Update
Download: MapPoint 2004 and Streets and Trips 2004 Construction Update

other     Windows XP Service Pack 2 for Everyone! (Aug 9)

Well that is if you have the English or German version of Windows XP installed. The download is the full version which also upgrades your Tablet PC and Media Center Edition. All other languages will be made available within 2 months. So keep checking Windows Update as well!

Download: Windows XP Service Pack 2 Network Installation Package

other     Windows XP Service Pack 2 Released! (Aug 6)

Currently only to the ones who have been Beta testing it (for so long) and the MSDN subscribers. Keep an eye on Windows Update!

Update: The official message has gone out now as well;

Microsoft Releases Windows XP Service Pack 2 with Advanced Security Technologies to Computer Manufacturers
Microsoft Corp. today announced the release to manufacturing of Windows® XP Service Pack 2 with Advanced Security Technologies. This free service pack delivers the latest security updates and innovations from Microsoft, establishes strong default security settings, and adds new proactive protection features that will help better safeguard computers from hackers, viruses and other security risks.

“Service Pack 2 is a significant step in delivering on our goal to help customers make their PCs better isolated and more resilient in the face of increasingly sophisticated attacks,” said Bill Gates, chairman and chief software architect at Microsoft. “It is the result of sustained investments in innovation and extensive industry collaboration. It also reflects a broad recognition that as the security environment changes, the industry needs to work together to respond.”

During the worldwide rollout of Service Pack 2, Microsoft will localize the software in 25 languages over the next two months and distribute it to computer manufacturers, enterprise customers and consumers through downloads, retail installation, free CDs and on new PCs. The easiest way for current Windows XP users to ensure they receive Service Pack 2 when it releases in their language is to simply turn on the Automatic Updates feature in Windows XP.

View full Press Release: Microsoft Releases Windows XP Service Pack 2 with Advanced Security Technologies to Computer Manufacturers

office     Office 2003 Tool: FabriKam – The Microsoft Office System Solutions Learning Platform (Aug 6)

The CHM provides an overview of the FabriKam project and how to use the FabriKam virtual PC environment and documentation to best learn about the rich potential of the Microsoft Office System as a development platform. Each solution and platform component section described the salient points that help developers focus on areas of interest.

Download: Office 2003 Tool: FabriKam – The Microsoft Office System Solutions Learning Platform

info     CAN-SPAM Big Bust (Aug 6)

The numbers don’t lie: CAN-SPAM is a bust.

Compliance with CAN-SPAM has fallen to a new low, according to recent data collected by MX Logic.

In July, compliance fell for the first time under one percent to a measly 0.54 percent of all unsolicited commercial mail the company sampled during the month.

The Denver-based firm has been tracking compliance with CAN-SPAM since the federal law went on the books in January. Through April, MX Logic’s numbers remained stable, with about three percent of spam messages complying with the law’s requirements, which range from verifiable return addresses to measures consumers and businesses can use to opt out of mailing lists. In May and June, however, the number slipped to one percent.

“Now it’s been halved,” said Steve Ruskin, a senior analyst at MX Logic. “No one’s really sure what’s going on, but it’s clear that CAN-SPAM isn’t a threat to spammers. They’re just ignoring it.”

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office     InfoPath 2003 Software Development Kit (SDK) (Aug 6)

The Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 Software Development Kit (SDK) is designed for solution providers (SPs), value-added resellers (VARs), and other developers who are interested in developing solutions with InfoPath 2003 and InfoPath 2003 Service Pack 1.

The InfoPath SDK includes documentation and samples that demonstrate development techniques for customizing and implementing InfoPath features, including integration with Microsoft Office Access 2003, Microsoft Office Word 2003, Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft SQL Server, XML Web Services, Component Object Model (COM) components, and ActiveX Data Objects (ADO).

Download: InfoPath 2003 Software Development Kit

office     Live Communication Documentation (Aug 6)

Live Communications Server 2003 Document: Release Notes 1.0c
The Release Notes Update contains new information for Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2003 Standard Edition.

Live Communications Server 2003 FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide
This frequently asked questions (FAQ) and troubleshooting guide provides answers and insights to some of the most relevant questions about Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2003.

office     Microsoft cuts OneNote price (Aug 6)

Microsoft this week chopped the price of its OneNote note-taking application. The software, one of several new applications released last year under the Office umbrella, will now sell for $100, half the original price. Microsoft had provided widespread $100 rebates, however.

OneNote is a collection of tools for organizing information from various sources. The application has been targeted mainly at college students and owners of devices based on Microsoft’s Tablet PC format, which can utilize OneNote’s built-in handwriting recognition.

View: Microsoft cuts OneNote price