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office    Microsoft Project Server 2003: Multilanguage User Interface Packs (Nov 12)

Microsoft® Office Project Server 2003 supports use by multilingual and multinational companies with a language plug-in called the Multilanguage User Interface Pack (MUI Pack). To add language support after you have finished installing Project Server, simply install the MUI Pack for the language you want to add.

View: Microsoft Project Server 2003: Multilanguage User Interface Packs

update    Security Update for Microsoft Windows 2000: KB329115 (Nov 12)

This update resolves the “Certificate Validation Flaw Could Enable Identity Spoofing” vulnerability in Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4. Download now to help prevent an attacker from attempting identity spoofing using certificates.

Download: Security Update for Microsoft Windows 2000: KB329115 (English)
Download: Security Update for Microsoft Windows 2000: KB329115 (different language)
View: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS02-050

Run Windows Update

other    MSN Messenger 6.1 for Windows (Nov 12)

Get the latest version of MSN 6.1! The word goes that version 7.0 is already worked on.

Download: MSN Messenger 6.1 build 6.1.0202 (English)
Download: MSN Messenger 6.1 build 6.1.0202 (different language)

office    Word 2003: Sample XML Resume Template (Nov 12)

This developer sample includes a sample XML resume template for use in developing your own templates that takes advantage of a resume schema in XML and then allows end users (who have no knowledge of XML) use the template to create resume documents.

Included in this sample is the default template file used with Microsoft Office Word 2003 and a companion .XSD file for use with the MSDN article “Creating and Applying an XML Resume Template in Microsoft Office Word 2003.”

Download: Word 2003: Sample XML Resume Template
View: Creating and Applying an XML Resume Template in Microsoft Office Word 2003

update    Microsoft Windows Security Bulletin Summary for November, 2003 (Nov 12)

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-048 – Cumulative Update for Internet Explorer (824145)

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-049 – Buffer Overrun in the Workstation Service Could Allow Code Execution (828749)

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-051 – Buffer Overrun in Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions Could Allow Code Execution (813360)

View:  Microsoft Windows Security Bulletin Summary for November, 2003

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office    Spawn Add-in for FrontPage (Nov 11)

Now you can quickly and easily create hyperlinks that open in a new window configured exactly the way you want. Spawn makes it a breeze to create popup windows right within FrontPage in a flash!

The popup windows work great in all browsers, even Netscape 4.5. When you set the location of the popup window with Spawn, the location you specify is correctly read by Netscape and Internet Explorer both. Get better performance from Spawn.

This version supports CSS classes, a Title tag, and complete control over the placement of Spawn’s script and is now supported in shared borders and frames.

Download: Spawn Add-in for FrontPage
View: Jimco Add-ins

info    Spam surge raises fears of junk mail assault (Nov 11)

Organised spammers may have launched a new assault on Web users, with an anti-spam company reporting a spike in the amount of junk mail being sent.

An email security firm has warned that spammers may be increasing their assault on Web users, after detecting a rise in the amount of unsolicited junk messages sent across the Internet. FrontBridge, which provides outsourced email filtering services for companies, said this week that it detected a 15 percent increase in spam between the 14th and 18th October — which it believes is a sign that organised spammers are ratcheting up their activities.

“Users who until this point had remained spam-free are now reporting multiple messages per day,” said Craig Whitney, FrontBridge’s European director. “This latest jump in the volume of spam being generated just adds to the load that enterprises have to manage every day,” Whitney added. This mid-October surge in spam activity could mean that some of the most determined and active spammers have added many more email addresses to the lists that they use when sending their unsolicited emails. Other experts, though, believe that the anti-spam industry should be able to combat the threat.

“We often see spikes in the spam load that last a few days. This may be attributed to one such spike,” Matt Sergeant, senior anti-spam technologist at Messagelabs, told ZDNet UK. “Generally these do not last, as it is very difficult to sustain these kind of attack levels without getting noticed. The general trend for spam, though, is definitely on the up, with our latest figures showing that 50.5 percent of all email is now spam.”

FrontBridge has also announced that it is targeting the European enterprise market by launching a Euro HQ in London. Through this, it hopes to persuade more companies to sign up for its managed email security services, which it claims can save a company £71 per user per year.

View: Spam surge raises fears of junk mail assault

office    Windows XP Expert Zone Chats (Nov 11)

Every month, Microsoft executives and other experts host live online chats about Windows XP, Media Center PCs, Tablet PCs, and Smart Displays. The experts from Microsoft, its partners, or the user community will answer your questions, take your suggestions, and discuss computing.

November 11th  3:00pm Pacific /6:00pm Eastern /11:00pm UK (GMT)
Inking in Office 2003 – Members of the Tablet PC team at Microsoft will host this chat about using the inking features in Microsoft Office 2003 on a Tablet.

Download: Reminder to your calendar
View: Enter Chat Room

update    Security Updates for Office versions 97, 2000 and 2002 (Nov 11)

Office 97
Excel 97 Security Patch- KB830356        Download: English
Word 97 Security Patch- KB830354        Download: English

Office 2000
Excel 2000 Security Patch- KB830349     Download: English
Word 2000 Security Patch- KB830347     Download: English

Office 2002/XP
Excel 2002 Security Patch- KB830350      Download: English
Word 2002 Security Patch- KB830346      Download: English
Office XP Web Services Security Patch- KB812708                      Download: English
FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions Security Patch- KB813380     Download: English

Run Office Update

howto    Added Content: Color Code Your E-mail (Nov 11)

Directing mails to different folders to sort or distinguish them is probably one of the most used way of organizing mail. There is a different one however; color code them!

Color coding has a few advantages I think over moving them to separate folders. One of them is that you don’t get lost in all sorts of mail folders. Also sometimes a folder doesn’t make much sense as you just want to strike some messages and moving them to a different folder could cause them to strike even less!

View: Color Code Your E-mail

office    MapPoint and Streets and Trips Construction Update (Nov 10)

Download the construction information update to keep the road construction projects information of your maps current in Streets and Trips. Save the file in the folder where you installed the program files for MapPoint or Streets & Trips. I.e. C:\Program Files\Microsoft MapPoint\Data\.

Download: MapPoint 2001 and Streets and Trips 2001 Construction Update
Download: MapPoint 2002 and Streets and Trips 2002 Construction Update
Download: MapPoint 2003 and Streets and Trips 2003 Construction Update
Download: MapPoint 2004 and Streets and Trips 2004 Construction Update

downloads    Port Requirements for Microsoft Windows Server System (Nov 10)

This one is very handy to keep for configuring your firewall!

This spreadsheet shows what network ports are used by the system services utilized by the Microsoft Windows Server System products.

Download: Port Requirements for Microsoft Windows Server System

office    Sales Teams Get Edge in Creating Winning Bids From New Microsoft Office Solution Accelerator for Proposals (Nov 10)

Microsoft Corp. today helped companies arm their sales professionals with a new tool for winning that next bid by introducing the Microsoft® Office Solution Accelerator for Proposals. This is the latest in a series of accelerators that help companies and partners realize greater value from their investments in the Microsoft Office System by more quickly delivering new capabilities to information workers.

The Office Solution Accelerator for Proposals allows organizations to rapidly develop solutions that help sales teams create more winning proposals by substantially streamlining the proposal development process. By integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003, the accelerator allows sales professionals to work more productively with familiar software.

View full Press Release: Sales Teams Get Edge in Creating Winning Bids From New Microsoft Office Solution Accelerator for Proposals
View: Office Solution Accelerator for Proposals Website
Download: Microsoft Office Solution Accelerator for Proposals (Microsoft Office Word 2003 and InfoPath 2003 of the Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 required)
Download: Microsoft Office Solution Accelerator for Proposals Documentation
View: Office Solution Accelerator for Proposals Demo

info    UK employers get tough on Net abuse (Nov 10)

Britain’s bosses are getting tougher with workers who disobey Internet and email use and abuse policies. Almost half (45 per cent) of employers in a study by IRS Employment Review said they had punished workers for such reasons in the last year. Less than five per cent dealt with more than six cases, but one UK employer had punished 10 workers for Internet and email misuse.

Of the 90 per cent of respondents who answered policy questions in the survey, all cited “accessing pornography” on the Internet as forbidden, with almost all (96 per cent) also citing the sending of obscene emails as proscribed behaviour. Other forbidden activities include: emails that denigrate colleagues (63 per cent), Internet gambling (63 per cent), using Web-based email (45 per cent), Internet shopping (31 per cent) and sending non-work related emails (14 per cent).

Two thirds (66 per cent) of the organisations quizzed offer access to email facilities to all employees but wider Internet access is more tightly controlled. Just over half (57 per cent) of the organisations polled give Net access to all employees, but 24 per cent limit it to office-based employees and just under five per cent restrict Internet access to managers alone. Approximately, two-thirds of the survey’s respondents operate an intranet.

View full article: UK employers get tough on Net abuse

office    Office add-on makes a sales call (Nov 10) (Updated!)

I’m not sure whether they are talking about the already released Microsoft Office Solution Accelerator for Proposals (Nov 7) or about an updated version of it.

Well the press release is out now. I was right; it is the software download I got you the link for on November 7.

Microsoft is set to release on Monday one of the first add-on packages for the new version of its Office productivity software: a collection of software and services aimed at helping sales professionals create better proposals. The package, available as a free download for Office 2003 customers enrolled in Microsoft’s Software Assurance licensing program, is part of the Office Solution Accelerator Program that the company announced shortly before the release of the new Office System.

The new Office Solution Accelerator for Proposals includes templates and tools to help sales professionals create proposals, including guidelines for building services that cull data from corporate databases to ensure that proposals reflect the latest facts and figures.

View: Office add-on makes a sales call