RightPostmaster for Exchange 2013/2016


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Suppose you have the following situation:
an Exchange server hosts multiple mail domains, e.g. domain1.com, domain2.com,domain3.com. The Exchange server is a member of the Active Directory domain ad.domain0.com. If the Exchange server generates a Non-Delivery Report, for example because someone has sent a message to wrongaddress@domain2.com, then the sender address of this NDR is always postmaster@ad.domain0.com.
RightPostmaster for MS Exchange can correlate NDR with domains, so that a NDR related to domain2.com will be sent from postmaster@domain2.com, and a NDR related to domain3.com will be sent from postmaster@domain3.com.

Application is a transport event sink.


  • You do not need to provide any setup or tuning. Once installed, RightPostmaster application will run unattendly.
  • The application is server-centric, so you do not need to install any extra software on the client side

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