Outlook 2013 Update for August 2014

A Rollup Update has been released for Outlook 2013. This is a non-security update which contains the latest stability and performance improvements and contains updated holiday information.

This update has been removed because of issues with accessing the Exchange Personal Archive.

The update has been replaced with update KB2889859 and also contains the fixes mentioned in the removed hotfix KB2883074.

The update is only available for download via its KB article and not being offered via Windows Update. The update is being pushed out for Office 365 installations as version: 15.0.4641.1003. You can get is quicker when you manually let it check for updates via: File-> Office Account-> Update Options-> Update Now

Even though no further change log is provided, it does at least contain the 3 fixes from Hotfix KB2880961, 6 fixes from KB2881040, and 9 fixes from KB2882991 which are only available by request.

Most notable fixes are:

  • You create a calendar item for an Outlook.com account, and you set the Reminder to None. In this situation, Outlook.com does not recognize the None setting, and it still creates a Reminder of 15 minutes.
  • Dragging an msg-file from an Explorer folder and dropping it back into Outlook creates a new message with that file as an attachment rather than creating the item within the folder.
  • Various crashing issues are solved for when you have an IMAP account configured in Outlook.

View: Download information for KB2881011

Note: This update is also offered via Microsoft Update or already installed automatically for you when Microsoft Update is configured to also update other Microsoft applications.
Office 365 subscribers can install this update manually via the Update Now button or wait for the automatic update. This update is included in version: 15.0.4641.1002.