New Poll: Do you still use Outlook Today?

Outlook TodayQuite some Outlook versions ago, the Outlook Today page was quite popular. It was even that popular that many people had it set as their default startup folder and used its dashboard like appearance to plan their days.

Well, times have changed and so has Outlook. Over the last couple of versions, Outlook has had various feature additions and changes which makes the Outlook Today page redundant. Most prominently these new features are the Favorites section, the To-Do Bar and Peeks.

As of Outlook 2013, Outlook Today officially got the “deprecated” status. This means as much as that Microsoft spends little to no resources anymore on the feature and it could be removed in an upcoming version (especially when the code breaks or gets in the way).

For you, this means that you should no longer base new work processes on it and when you still rely on it, move away from it and get on terms with the new features.

A description on how the new features made Outlook Today redundant can be found in:
Outlook Today, meet Favorites, Peeks and the To-Do Bar

So, do you still use Outlook Today? Let us know in the poll below!

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