Outlook 2007 Hotfix for October 2012

Hotfix KB2687540 for Outlook 2007
This hotfix contains 9 fixes for specific issues. Most notable fixes are:

  • When you try to rename a subfolder in a shared mailbox in Outlook 2007 in cached mode, the folder name reverts to its original name when you restart Outlook.
  • Assume that you have a large size mailbox or a folder in Outlook 2007. You sync the mailbox or the folder, and then restart Outlook before the sync is completed. When you restart the sync later, the process starts from 0. 
  • If the first day of the week is set to Monday in the calendar of Outlook 2007, the first week of the year is skipped in the week numbering for the year 2013.

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Obtaining the hotfix
This is a Hotfix and not a regular update. You can request it via the KB article page.