Report Office Store Web Add-ins (apps) usage in your organization

Do you need an overview of which Outlook Store apps are being used in your Exchange organization or Office 365 tenant? With a PowerShell one-liner and the Excel PivotTable and PivotChart feature, you can quickly create a nice looking report with an interactive table and chart.

Remove the Recycle Bin icon

Want to go for that extreme clean desktop? Remove the Recycle Bin as well!

Make Outlook Web Access Your Default Mailer

How To set Outlook Web Access as your default e-mail program in Internet Options.

Internet Explorer: Remove “Microsoft Internet Explorer” from the title bar

When you have “Group similar buttons” turned on every instance of Internet Explorer has “Microsoft Internet Explorer” behind. You can remove this by editing the registry so you gain some overview back.

Search From the Address Bar

Search directly on a specific site from the Address Bar.

PowerPoint tips: perfect presentations

PowerPoint is the most popular tool for giving presentations. It’s ideal for everything from sales talks to academic lectures. The program makes compiling and running a presentation easy, but there are still pitfalls that can trip up even the best presenter.